Ubex Presents at d10e Conference in Seoul

Ubex AI
Ubex AI
Mar 6, 2018 · 2 min read

Ubex, the global, decentralized advertising exchange has attended the d10e Conference in Seoul on the 5th of March, presenting the pioneering project to a vast audience of blockchain experts and local and international level advertisers and publishers.

d10e is the leading conference on decentralization, exploring the future of fintech, blockchain, the sharing economy, the future of work, and disruptive culture. Since 2004, the conference organizers hosted and organized 16 editions around the world in Amsterdam, Bucharest, Cayman Islands, Davos, Gibraltar, Kyiv, Ljubljana, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Warsaw. The platform is a leading hub for projects, allowing networking and establishment of partnerships and cooperation aimed at further developing the blockchain industry.

Ubex was presented at the conference on its own stand by CEO Artem Chestnov and garnered heightened interest from the public. As advertising has historically been both disruptive and chaotic in its nature in Korea, the advent of a promising project like Ubex has spurred local advertising professionals and publishers to turn their attention to the project in hopes of increasing the efficiency of their placement and advertising campaigns.

The conference attracted over 200 active participants of the blockchain industry including, journalists, blockchain specialists and advertising industry professionals. In addition to presenting the project, Ubex also attended a special event organized by Superbloom Capital. The local market participants and advertising professionals have been adamant in their conviction that Ubex project development must be accelerated and intensified for faster and more efficient integration with local market retailers.

Local market participants have expressed serious interest in the Ubex project and several high profile negotiations were held as a result. As well as partnership and cooperation opportunities were discussed with local and international level market participants.

As the Ubex project continues to progress and more developments are to follow. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.

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