With FITC Amsterdam X getting closer, I’m working on some small LED matrix animations for my demo (some examples are visible on my Instagram feed), which forced me to make some changes to my rudimentary pixel frames generator.
Because I had to spend a few hours on it to make it suit my current needs (mostly exporting C headers), I decided to give it a bit of a polish and throw it out in the open.


FotogramMatrice comes from “Fotogramma” (frame) and “Matrice” (matrix), but in Italian when you add the suffix “-trice” or “-tore” to some verbs, it…

For the past 13 years or so I have been an avid consumer of news feeds, and kept finding new ones thanks to sources which became trustworthy to me (kottke is one great example). I currently have about 40 sources which I check almost on a daily basis thanks to my weird inner clock which wakes me up at 6am.
I decided to share the most meaningful of them with everyone who’s interested, so here they are with some notes where necessary.

Apple Related

  • Patently Apple: a great one if you want the latest on patents from several big names in the…

Is any of our creative expression really fruit of our labour?
Internet and social networks act as the global hive mind many sci-fi writers have been dreaming about, constantly connecting humans and subliminally tickling at least two of our senses. Given the amount of information we’re exposed to nowadays, can we really say that we “create” or “invent” anything by ourselves?

In Isaac Newton’s letter to Robert Hooke (1676) we read [sic]:

“What Des-Cartes did was a good step. You have added much several ways, especially in taking the colours of thin plates into philosophical consideration. …

So you bought one (or more) of these i2c LCD backpacks and, despite having gone through several code examples downloaded here and there, you still can’t get it to work: glitchy backlight, meaningless random characters or… just the void.
Your brain is telling you “You got a gift from China with fake ICs” but you still want to believe there’s good in people, so you spend a little more time searching the web for someone who has your exact same problem and you end up here. How lucky! …

Ubi de Feo

very curious human being

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