【ubisum by ubies】Briefing Session in China, Shenzhen!!

ubies ユビエス
Oct 31 · 4 min read

Hello, I’m Shono, CEO of ubies. I went to Shenzhen, China for the briefing session of ubisum by ubies. Let me tell you about it this time.

You know where Shenzhen is? It’s about 1 hour by train from Hong Kong, and UNESCO designated Shenzhen as “Creative City of Design”. Furthermore, Shenzhen plays a very important role on the high-tech IT business, too. HUAWEI, Tencent and other leading-edge IT companies gather there, and the landscape of the the high-rise buildings and the LED mapping and illuminations is really stunning and overwhelmed.

Our briefing & talk session was coordinated by Mr. Eric Zhu of SHENZHEN FRINGE ART CENTER who is ubisum jury.

The venue was at the gallery space next to his newest office where is at good location and comfy by facing to the park.

The ubisum poster and flags in Chinese welcomed us! Thanks Eric for your hospitality!

Chinese ubisum mentors, Mr. Heyi Yiyan, Mr. Huang Yan, Mr. ZENG Jun, Mr. HONG KO and Mr. Fei TENG, joined us. And, nearly 100 young creators came to listen what our mentor who are active at the top edge of creative sector in this city talk. Amazing.

Ubies China coordinator Zhan Sitian and CEO Shono made a presentation what ubisum is. Zhan has been a coordinator of the famous Japanese photographer Yoshihiko Ueda in China. He works for creative connection between China and Japan.

At the first section, we introduced mentors one by one to the audience (young creators), and it was one of highlights at the event. They focused on listening what ubisum is, how to work for the tournament with mentors and so on, and they gave so many questions to us which was really impressive to us, too.

The second section was a talk session with themes of “How to be active as an professional artists and creators?” And “What’s the difference between artist and creators?” by Mr. ZENG Jun’s MC. What Mr.HONG KO said “Art solves your problem, design solves the problem of others” was really impressive.

What made me amazing to see so many young creators there was that Eric announced this event by WeChat account only. I realized again the centripetal power of Eric and other mentors, and the strength of Wechat in China, too.

After the talk session, we had an exchange meeting party time! We enjoyed a tasting of ART SAKE CUP (provisional name) by collaboration between FARM8 and ubies by a great support of one of the largest in China for sake sales. Participants enjoyed sake from Niigata (Nagaoka) and Tokushima.

Now, we see more entries from China after this event! A variety of spectacular works are being uploaded one after another.

It was great trip to Shenzhen as we had such a wonderful promotion of ubisum and also our future business collaboration as ubies CHINA, and Shenzhen is definitely a important place for ubisum. Thanks Eric and mentors and all the people to come to the event. See you soon.

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