【ubisum by ubies】Briefing Session in Indonesia !

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Oct 23 · 4 min read

Our next place of “ubisum by ubies Briefing Session” was Jakarta, Indonesia. It was a great session to meet ubisum mentors and local creators

Representative Indonesian judge is Mr. Ignatius Hermawan Tanzile, the pioneer of Indonesian design. We have known each other very well since 2014 which we interviewed him for our published book “ASIAN CREATIVES” . He is a judge of UNKNOWN ASIA, too.

The ubisum BRIEFING SESSION was held in the art space “Dia.Lo.Gue” where he created to accumulate and enhance the Indonesian creative scene. It is an important base to be trusted and respected from creators in worldwide. “Dia.Lo.Gue” means “He/She-You-Me” in Betawi language aiming the crossing are to communicate artists, designers and public audiences. This is a very important place for the Indonesian creative landscape to be a venue of SEEK-A-SEEK, the biggest Indonesian graphic design festival and other events.

Indonesian Mentors

We met 6 mentors at the meeting.

ROH Projects Gallery / Jun Tirtadji
Mr. Jun Tirtadji of ROH Projects Gallery, who manages domestic and international artists’ reps in Indonesia and operates the gallery (Stella Katherine was the delegate on the day).

ARTOTEL Group/ Erastus Pramudita Radjimin
Mr.Erastus Pramudita Radjimin, CEO of ARTOTEL Group, art hotel in Surabaya and Bali in addition to Jakarta, Indonesia

Whiteboard Journal / Max Suriaganda
Mr. Max Suriaganda, who founded Studio1212, which handles projects for global companies such as Nike, NBA, Uniqlo, New Balance, the United Nations, and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), and runs the Whiteboard Journal, a creative lifestyle online magazine.

Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Art and Design / Riama Maslan Sihombing
Ms. Riama Maslan Sihombing, a teaching staff of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Art and Design, and has received the Best Children Book Illustration award for his book “Katak Hendak Menjadi Lembu”.

IDEAFEST , TEDxJakarta / David Irianto
Mr. David Irianto, Content Manager of IDEAFEST for the promotion of Indonesia’s creative industry and Co-Founder / Curator of TEDxJakarta (right).

Flock Creative Network / Ivan Hady Wibowo
Mr. Ivan Hady Wibowo who built nine companies in just three years and has a network of more than 250 people in Indonesia after working for JWT, McCann Erickson, Batey and BBDO.

In addition creators they recommend, creators who are interested in ubisum came to the session. Some people came to meet us taking 3 hours! So appreciating. We had a great presentation.

Thanks to Mr, Hermawan’s strong support and efforts, UNKNOWN ASIA’s reputation is really high in Indonesia, and we were happy to hear that ubisum is likely to be a useful project alongside UNKNOWN ASIA. And some mentors were thinking about expanding into Japan to meet a lot of young Japanese creators.

ubies INDONESIA / Yoko Yamada (Coordinator, Director )

Great supports by local influencers

Mr. Max Suriaganda of Whiteboard Journal kindly offered to be a media partner of ubisum, and Mr. Erastus Pramudita Radjimin suggested us to place ubisum leaflets at all of his ARTOTEL. These are unexpected and so wonderful offer. We really appreciate those offers by local influencers to raise awareness of ubisum. We already know that Indonesian creators are so talented. They show wonderful creative performance at UNNOWN ASIA every year, and the 2016 Grand Prize winner was an Indonesian.

We received messages from mentors and creators at the briefing session that to be introduced here! Please keep your eyes on ubisum by ubies.

ubies ユビエス

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