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Mar 3 · 3 min read

Review voting of [ubisum by ubies] Asian Review Tournament is meant to express how viewers moved through artworks on the tournament. It is NOT for criticizing but fo sharing what they felt.

Creators are encouraged very much by reviews addressed to them to know how people feel through their creations, and you can discover ways of enjoying works by reading reviews posted.

And, we have “reaction” system for every review. If you feel sympathy or inspiration to the review you read, you just put one of reaction buttons to share your feelings. This reaction is also one vote to the work, and also one vote to the reviewer you shared.

Now, let us introduce some reviews that we deeply sympathized.

Review from John Luis A. Gañas to the creator John Patrick Gañas

We don’t usually think about these things but it’s really important to know how we are able form the ideas that we create. Good job on this!

One staff read this review before seeing John’s artwork. He was interested in knowing “what does to form the ideas” mean, and he searched John’s tournament page. He read captions, too, to look for the answer, and he felt he wants to do the same pose. This is incredibly interesting review to lead readers like him to experience of the artwork.

Review from Mayumi Gonnou to the creator Lulu Kouno

The owner of happy paints. Lulu draws brilliantly and clearly as if there is no doubt, no reasons stopping a brush. That’s her. I am surprised at the dynamism of the children in the picture as if they were alive.

Her paintings made us positive and uplift, don’t they? Among so many nice reviews address to Lulu Kouno, our staff was so inspired this review in particular for a word “the owner of happy paints”, and is likely to be the catchphrase of Lulu Kono as it is.

王貂蟬 to the creator fafa

Every single fine and delicate line connects each emotion, and words are full in the picture. The work is like giving us sensitive tastes.

This review evoked our emotion and gave a spice to the artwork even more beautiful. Particularly, the expression of “line connects each emotion” is stunning that can be a lyric.

We will introduce more reviews again!

ubies ユビエス

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