【ubisum by ubies】pick up reviews by ubisum staff vol.2

ubies ユビエス
Mar 16 · 4 min read

The review votings active on the ubisum by ubies tournament. Not only for artworks but also reviews are the key to drive the tournament to go to the next step.

Creators are encouraged very much by reviews addressed to them to know how people feel through their creations, and you can discover ways of enjoying works by reading reviews posted.

You can read all review votings posted to the tournament artworks so far;


Well, as a series of “pick up reviews by ubisum staff”, let us introduce some reviews picked up by Junko Sasanuki, ubies JAPAN coordinator & director, this time.

Enjoy her comments, too!

Hello, I am Junko Sasanuki, a coordinator & director of ubies JAPAN. I read review votings and found that reaching the artwork on the main round by reading review is very new experience. I used to see the artwork first, then I read the review someone wrote. I might have not read the review deeply, so I don’t have impressive review in my memory so far. This time I focused on reading reviews very carefully, then I discovered to see artworks by eyes in my heart with new perspective and insight. It was exciting experience. OK, please let me share reviews I was so inspired.

Karl Lucente’s review to Chikaco Toya

“I love how the colors pops out and gave the artworks a vibrant and playful imagery. It’s like a summer vibe afternoon.”

The reason why I like this review:

The reviewer uses words such as “pop out”, “vibrant”, “playful”, “vibe” and these are perfect words to express “Toya world” created by colors. And, I have been having the exact same feeling with his review by seeing her art pieces for years. So happy to find the same inspiration.

Sherchle’s review to Debbietea

“Feels like this work invites me to a journey of exploration, one that would illuminate spaces that exist in between the ongoing life itself.”

The reason why I like this review:

I have loved the Debbietea’s artworks because it’s so unique series of surrealistic portrait consisting from a person and very objective still life. And this insightful review gave me a chance to see in penetration way with eyes in my mind her artworks. It’s a door of new journey to enjoy the artwork.

Thanongshak’s review to rumpaporn_v

“This piece reflects the ongoing problems of our time. The air we breathe makes no difference whether it’s inside or outside the bag.”

rumpaporn_v is a story teller photographer from Thailand focusing on our weakness and cruelty. When I first saw her photographs for this tournament, I spontaneously thought that she is trying to warning the global ecological issue; the plastic bags that we are unable to ignore anymore. But I found this review describing a sense of stagnation as “air”, and the reviewer concluded with “no difference whether it’s inside or outside the bag”. It hit my head. So insightful and I am now enjoying photographs deeper.

Please feel free to write your review to the artwork you were inspired.


See you!

ubies ユビエス

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