【ubisum by ubies】We introduce juries of ubisum from 10 Asian areas!

ubies ユビエス
Nov 3 · 9 min read

Art Director

Founder of Fringe Art Center and a general producer of Shenzhen Design Week. Leading person to develop a creative city Shenzhen. A notable leading person in the creative city Shenzhen.

Eric Zhu was born in 1976, Guangdong China. He was graduated from MA of Interactive Multimedia, London College of Communication, the University of Arts London in 2003. He set up Intox Design & Communication right back from London, Furthermore, He set up Shenzhen Fringe Art Center , focusing on international exchanges and cooperation in diverse cultural and artistic activities, community interaction, education and management executive, which is currently the first and only art organization in Mainland China to promote the culture of Fringe Festival.

Hong Kong
Benny Au
Amazing Angle Design Consultants Limited
Design Director

He is one of Hong Kong’s leading graphic designer who also has excellent knowledge in paper and printing. He founded miniminigallery at his studio, where designers and creative minds from around the world are invited to show their works and exchange ideas.

Design Director of Amazing Angle Design, Benny’s dynamic visuals often captures complex ideas in the simplest way. Benny is often invited to participate in design exhibitions, and is invited as guest judge and speaker for international design competitions and forums. His works are collected by museums and galleries worldwide. Benny is currently a member of Hong Kong Designers Association, Shenzhen Graphic Design Association, Tokyo Type Directors Club and Japan Graphic Designers AssociationIllustration Arts Fes

Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil
LeBoYe design & DiaLogue artspace
Creative Director

A creative pioneer of Indonesian design & creative industries with numerous international awards given. A founder of the art complex Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace, which plays a crucial role on giving inspirations and motivation to young creators.

A graphic designer/curator Ignatius Hermawan Tanzil is the owner of a graphic design studio called LeBoYe and an artspace called DiaLoGue Artspace. LeBoYe has won numerous local and international awards for graphic design whilst DiaLoGue Artspace is one of the most productive artspace in Indonesia in terms of producing arts and design events and exhibition. Their initiatives such as “Smart-Dialogue” and Exi(s)t” has become a platform for promising young artists and designers to showcase their works and move on to the next level. He was the initiator and co-curated in 2016 “seek-a-seek” Indonesia’s biggest graphic design exhibition was a success and visited by more than 20000 visitors in 3 weeks. in 2016 He was also one of the curators for the exhibition representing Indonesia for Indonesia Pavilion for London Design Biennale in London. December 2017 was invited by M + museum Hongkong to present Dia.Lo.Gue special program and exhibition in M+Matters Reorient: Conversations on South and Southheart Asia

Hiro Sugiyama
Artis, Art director

While presenting fine art works at exhibitions inside/outside Japan, he also publishes free paper and art books, curates exhibitions, and continues to present creative works in a wide range of genres such as graphic design, advertising, PV productions and VJ.

Founder and the owner of graphic art unit “Enlightenment”. Born and raised in Tokyo. After graduation from Toyo Art School, he studied illustration in-depth under Teruhiko Yumura before he became a freelancer. Whilst he won numerous local and international awards for fine arts, he has been releasing very creative, unique and variety genres of works such as graphic designs, advertisements and especially in movies and visuals. We see so many his creative visuals especially in the music industry, for the Japanese super artists including J Should Brothers, EXILE, m-flo, BOA, Namie Amuro and so on.

There is so much information around us these days, and it might be a tough era for creators to create your real originality. I am looking forward to seeing your originality that I have never experienced.

Woochi Jeon
Eloquence Magazine
Founder / Editor in chief

A founder and a chief editor of ELOQUENCE, a cultural media in Korea. His remarkable insight and sense of curation as an editor reveal Korean “it” design, creative, music, lifestyle and food.


Season Lao
Artist / Producer

Starting a creative career at Luis Vuittons during his university, he became an artist. He also works actively as a judge of numerous international art fair such as UNKNOWN ASIA and as an art producer for some exhibition in Macau.

Season Lao Now based in Japan, Lao was born in Macao. After becoming an advertising agency designer he became an artist. He attended university in Macau, and was in charge of such projects as designing for Louis Vuitton. Since 2009 he has been based in Hokkaido, Japan. After the Great East Tohoku Earthquake, he was inspired to focus on contemporary art. His work explores the relationship between people and nature, and has gained global recognition. He has had exhibitions of his work in various countries, has been nominated in numerous art fairs, and his works featured in collections all over the world. As well as connecting Macau and Japanese culture, Lao also participates in activities to support other artists. In the Sapporo snow festival, he held a collaborative work exhibition which was featured on TV programs in Macau. He also curated screenings of Macau films in Hokkaido. He also organised a Macau artist exhibition “Macao Contemporary” at Tokyo Arts Chiyoda 3331. And since 2017, Lao has judged and curated an exhibition for “UNKNOWN/ASIA” Award Winning Artists’ Exhibition in Macao.

Designer, Illustrator

Manilla based powerful creator working with global clients such as Google, Apple, Nike and Uniqlo. He is the Vice President of the Communication Design Association of the Philippines (CDAP) to encourage new generations creators.

Message to Participants
I’m excited to see Asia’s Creative Talents share their works to the world. Ubisum will also be a celebration of the different cultures, countries and people of Asia. I’m looking forward to be inspired!

Dan Matutina is a designer and illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. He is a founding partner at Plus63 Design Co. and the Hydra Design Group.

Dan’s works have appeared in print, digital and animation. He has worked on projects for Google, Apple, Microsoft, Pinterest, Samsung, WIRED, Fast Co., The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Nike, Havaianas & Uniqlo to name a few. He’s represented by illustration agencies Agent Pekka and Visiontrack.

Dan is also currently the Vice President of the Communication Design Association of the Philippines (CDAP).

Michael Ng aka Mindflyer
Founder/ Festival Director for Illustration Arts Fest since 2016, 2017, 2018
Co-founder OICsingapore since 2006

A founder of Festival Director for Illustration Arts Fest. Throughout his deep commitment to OIC Singapore and others, he is a notable key person and visual artist to be respected from variety genre of creators.

Message to Participants
Can’t wait to see the wonderful submissions coming in! Hope all of you will do your best work and inspire us too

Michael Ng aka Mindflyer (b. 1964) is a self-taught visual artist based in Singapore. Using the moniker “Mindflyer”, he has been creating his art since 1989. His practice is embedded in concepts related to flight and escapism. Using a crazy mix of interesting aeronautical forms, bright colours, a mad dose of retro sci-fi and references to Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s “The Little Prince”, he attempts to make everything “fly”! Some of his recent work includes commissioned artworks for the Coach, IBM, Microsoft, Singapore Art Museum, National Museum of Singapore, National Heritage Board, Samsung, Starbucks, The Elephant Parade, Tangs, Starhub and Jetstar. Besides painting, exhibiting his work, he is the founder for Illustration Arts Fest ( an annual festival since 2016 http://illustrationartsfest.org/) and also a founding member of the illustrator group OIC singapore ( since 2006 www.oicsingapore.com) where he is actively involved in engaging and challenging young illustrators.

ken-tsai lee
Department of Design of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
ken-tsai lee design research lab
Associate Professor / Visual director

Since being named as the local regional representatives of Art Directors Club New York and Type Directors Club New York in 2009, he introduced ADC Annual Exhibition, Young Guns, TDC NY annual exhibition to Taiwan. A key and influential creative bridge to deliver Taiwan creatives to the world.

Ken-tsai lee, Associate Professor, Department of Design of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Head of ken-tsai lee design research lab.

Visual director of Taiwan Designers’ Week.
Moved to New York in 2002, since 2009, Mr. Lee was named as the local regional representatives of Art Directors Club New York and Type Directors Club New York.

He is the first person who had introduce ADC Annual Exhibition, Young Guns, TDC NY annual exhibition to Taiwan annually, In order to show the quality of Taiwan design, he’s designed the visual identity for those exhibition in personL

He was recommended by Japanese design Master-Shigeo Fukuda in the book-AREA as one of 100 International Graphic designers which published by Phaidon Press.

Mr. Lee was Invited gave lectures at International Design Conference worldwide, such as Latin American Design Festival, Lima,Peru. Agideas International Design Festival, Melbourne, Australia. Hong Kong Business of Design Week, master series, Bauhaus university, Warmar, Germany. TypeJanchi Design Biennial in Seoul, Korea,, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Basel, Switzerland …..

He had solo exhibition in Nantes France. New York, Hangzhou, Nanjing, China, and was the Jury for IF awards, NEW York Festival and so on…

Message to Participants
as a creative person, we need to creat on only our works, the most important thing is creat our path of creation.

Kanoknuch Sillapawisawakul
PRACTICAL Design Studio
Lecturer / Creator / Curator

A co-founder of “practical design studio”, one of a leading design studio.
She is a leading person to enhance the value of design in Thailand.

Message to Participants
Let’s work together !!

Co-founder, Partner and Design Director of PRACTICAL Design Studio / Founder of WRAP IT Workshop / Lecturer / Creator / Curator / Committee of Thai Graphic Designer Association (ThaiGa)

Kanoknuch Sillapawisawakul is one of the founders of PRACTICAL Design Studio, Kanoknuch has been instrumental in initiating and creating studio-wide works and activities since its inception. She frequently guest lectures at multiple universities and organizations. She has been invited to participate as an artist, designer, curator, and judge both in Thailand and abroad. She has been committee of Thai Graphic Designer Association (ThaiGa). In 2015, Kanoknuch was named Designer of the Year in the Emerging Graphic Design category from Silpakorn University and Thailand Institute of Design and Innovation Promotion, Department of International Trade Promotion, Ministry of Commerce. She also runs her own workshop “Wrap It” dedicated to teaching and researching gift wrapping, packaging and creativity with paper materials. Her experimentations with techniques of folding, stitching, tapestry, and embroidering have found their way into the works of her own studio, Decembell.

ubies ユビエス

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