【ubisum by ubies】What’s “ASIAN CREATIVE TOUR” for Reviewer’s Grand Prize Winner?

ubies ユビエス
Feb 20 · 3 min read

This time we would like to introduce what ASIAN CREATIVE TOUR to be given to the reviewer.

How to get the Reviewer’s Grand Prize

The reviewer who got the number one “reaction” in the voting review won the “Reviewers Grand Prize” is to be given an “ASIAN CREATIVE TOUR” worth 200,000 yen as a supplementary prize. Anybody can be the one if you write your review to artworks touch your heart.

For the 2nd to 4th place of the total number of “reactions” will be given a prize 30,000 Yen.


  • Please click CHECK DETAIL
  • Then, please click WRITE REVIEW

(You are required to create your account to log-in otherwise the administrative office can not track review for the award winner.)

ubies makes your exclusive trip in Asia

“ASIAN CREATIVE ODYSSEY” is your custom made creative journey. It’s kind of a “bespoke” travel. ubies will have meetings with the grand prize winner to listen what the winner aims and would like to experience thru the journey in order to arrange the travel. we will recommend the most ideal travel for the winner who would like us to decide all, too.

ubies navigates the most forefront creative scene in Asia

Asia is the hottest creative region developing rapidly with creative power. ubies will navigate places to visit. If you wish, we will suggest a country or industry where the person’s style & artworks seems to be exciting. Most of things are up to you including accommodation. You like to stay a fancy art hotel or a budget hotel to save money to keep traveling. Within the budget 200,000 Yen, your requests will be fulfilled.

Meet people to achieve what you would like to do

Here is just one example you imagine for your odyssey; you visit to artists you voted at their studios, or you are able to have meetings with judges and mentors of ubisum by ubies whom you think to have some collaboration works. We will try to make appointments with persons you are would like to visit.

Experience “beyond borders” and “co-creation” action” through voting reviews

Things created from “beyond borders” and “co-creation” is unexceptional beyond imagination of those who do not have that action. We would like to provide such experiences not only creators but also those who support them.You may be the one who will fly to Asia with ubisum by ubies.

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