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【ubisum by ubies】What’s the ubisum by ubies Asian Review Tournament?

ubisum by ubies” is a unique creative tournament on on-line. We have 10 creators as juries active on the cutting edge of the creative sector. They appoint 10 each creative experts in several industries from advertisements to education, and they are called as “mentor”. Each mentor select a creator to work together for the tournament aiming at the Grand Prize Award.

Now, what is the creative tournament? Let us introduce what it is.

Entry means “you are standing at the first round match”!

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Mentors review and decide creators to go to the main round

We have 2 votes to decide creators final round and the Grand Prize; one is “reviewer’s vote” by general audiences, and another is “jury’s vote”.

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ASIAN CREATIVE ODYSSEY for the Grand Prize Winner!

Please read for more about this journey!

Jury Awards will be prepared. We look forward your entry. Seize the chance at the ubisum by ubies!

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