What are “vote review” and “reaction”?

ubies ユビエス
Feb 11 · 2 min read

The Review Tournament has started. There are totally new artworks that 100 qualifiers worked with their mentors.


The Asian Review Tournament: February 3rd to March 31st, 2020

This round is very important judgement to select 7 creators to go to the final round. Judging points are 1) total numbers of vote reviews by audiences, 2) total numbers to the audience’s review and 3) voting by juries.

Everybody can vote with your review at the Review round. And numbers of reactions to the review influence to elect the Grand Prize winner. The reviewer who got more reaction than others is to be given Reviews Grand Prize award and a sub prize gift.


Vote Review

Post your review as a vote. It’s not meant to criticize. Share your emotion with your word that you felt by the artwork. Everybody can join voting.

* One post right is to be given to you at the beginning. If you react other reviews, you can gain rights to vote more (up to 5 times).


You will see emojis in the review site. Express your reaction with emoji means you are inspired by the review post. This reaction is one of the judging pint. The reviewer who got more reaction than others is to be given Reviews Grand Prize award and a sub prize gift.

It’s super easy to post your review and react. Please make your account by SNS accounts of Facebook or Twitter or by email address. Then you can look, write and post. Reaction is more easy. Reviews you read and felt sympathy, click the emoji that associates your feeling. Don’t hesitate. Join to find new great artworks.


Next blog is more information on “Reviewers Grand Prize”. Keep in touch with us!

ubies ユビエス

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Asian creator platform for “cross border” and “co-creation”

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