Why does ubies want to empower creators?

ubies ユビエス
Nov 3 · 2 min read

Hello, thanks for reading our blog. This time, we would like to introduce about “ubies”, the organizer of “ubisum by ubies”. Who are we, what is ubies and what does ubies do? Ok, here we go.

Incubation creators

Why does ubies try to empower creators? The reason is simple. We are witness the power of creation that can find out invisible possibility, can pull out the radical, real power and can connect the people and business throughout our more than 2 decades experience as a creator agency. We have seen that creative can move people and the world many times.

In the startup area, there is an incubator. The role of the incubator is to find talent of entrepreneurs who have not yet appeared in the world, to grow business with entrepreneurs, connect with investors and co-creation partners, and accelerate growth. We, ubies, would like to make use of the experience and know-how we have cultivated as an agent to create a platform for incubating as many creators as possible.

A goal to reach for ubies is to be a headstream of culture in Asia

The name ubies comes from Latin. “Ubi” means “Where?” And “es” means “you”. These two are connected to “ubies” to mean “Where are you?”

We named ourselves as “ubies” hoping creators who can move our hearts, hoping to create opportunities for people who are looking for opportunities, and hoping to answer the question to “where are you?”.

Latin is the birthplace of Spanish, French, Italian, and other languages, and can be said to be the source of European culture. ubies hopes to become the source of Asian culture.

ubisum is the place to meet mentors and to meet yourselves

And, “sum” means “I”, therefore “ubisum” means “where am I?”. ubisum is a creative tournament to meet mentors who find you and draw out the potential power inherent in you for creators who are looking for themselves.

We are proud of introducing our great 100 mentors who have passion to find you and to support you. Here is the link : LINK===

We would like to share our story why ubies feels so focusing on the theme as “FROM ASIA” in our next blog.

ubies ユビエス

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Asian creator platform for “cross border” and “co-creation”

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