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We must solve the difficult task of building a management system for our ecosystem.

The main challenge is to solve the conflict of interest problem between node holders and projects using our system. The fact is that node holders are interested in maximizing the value of their assets, which is achieved by increasing fees and increasing the value of cryptocurrency. …

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On Jan 23rd we’ve had a very informative AMA on

Below please find the chat script in chronological order:


Q: How can you describe IDledger’s idea in a single sentence?

A: IDL is our attempt to generalize blockchain technology. In addition, this is an attempt to resolve legal issues when embedding a blockchain in real business processes. We also pay a lot of attention to interfaces, so this is also a social business network.

All three aspects are important here. The hardest part is the protocol. Formally, this is a DAG consisting of blocks that are created by various blockchains that are part of a single network — the synthesis of blockchain and DAG. …

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We have two good news today! Both of them are interconnected, as the first will focus on our new partnership, and the second on specific benefits that it will bring to the project.

Recently we have begun working with! Their purpose is to assist the broad audience of crypto enthusiasts to discover the crypto markets and educate them in order to be more independent in taking the decisions.

Today they become among top-3 winners on ByBit Trading Contest —!

Initially, our focus will be on the implementation of our idea as presented below. …

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Our tech team has been working really hard on Ubikiri, and now we are pleased to announce we have some important updates in that regard.

Firstly, when you send funds from Ethereum and Cil wallets, you will now see the current balance of this wallet from which funds are sent. This balance will also be displayed on the next screen during this transaction. It will make the whole process a lot more comfortable.

Also, some improvements to the wallet creation and import function are coming. From now, your wallets will receive their names automatically after creation. …

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“While others are sleeping, we are developing” — that is our motto and we continue to follow it. Currently our project is making progress across the board and the team is working hard across all of our services.

Among the most important developments that are currently being worked on:

  • The formation of a Notary Consilium.
  • KYC process refinement.
  • Development of the ability to download third-party ethereum wallets and transfer tokens.
  • Finishing touches on the mobile app.
  • Adaptive version refinement.
  • Pattern settings for account.
  • Balance view in send operations.

Interested in more info? Follow our channels to learn the latest details and more.

Everyday we work hard to do better than the last. This development is important not only for our platform, but also for the satisfaction of our customers, as this is our primary goal. And that’s not all!

Stay tuned, so you do not miss a thing!

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Each network user expects the results of our speed test, so are we! However, it should be noted, despite the results that are reached, we still have huge reserves to increase network performance.

Today we are testing code that has not been optimized since it was written. But this can and will be done, and we will do speed tests further when we apply certain parts of the code.

So what optimization methods can we use?

1. Currently, the node processes the block two times. The first time when users vote for the block within the framework of the Consilium, the second time when they record it in the network storage, to their database. In fact, one check is enough if the block does not contain information related to smart contracts of a variable state. In most blocks there is no such information. …

Our ecosystem is becoming bigger and bigger, so we have decided to collate all of the links to our websites/channels/groups/chats/topics in order to make it easier for you to follow our progress. So make sure you are following everything listed below! (actual to 26.09.2019)

IDL It is an Integrated Distributed Ledger; a graphchain (DAG) consisting of custom blockchains.

1. IDL website —

2. IDL/Presale topic in Bitcointalk —

UBIKIRI The social network and interface for working with IDL.

  1. Ubikiri Telegram channel —
  2. Ubikiri Medium —
  3. Ubikiri website
  4. SilentNotary Consilium Telegram chat —
  5. Monetary Consilium chat in Telegram —

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Through the CryptoTribunal, Ubikiri provides a platform for consolidating defrauded token holders in order to take collective actions and persecute scam projects.

This platform will have two types of participants. The first type is the victims, and the second is the professionals we will use to search for criminals and prosecute them — lawyers, detectives, analysts, etc. As well as seeking justice, we are also aiming to recover victims lost funds.

With this platform, we can work to cleanse the whole market of fraudulent activity, uncovering and solving pre-existing scams, and preventing them from occurring in the future.

However, please note that our platform is providing this as a service, and does not collect funds, guarantee refunds, or represent either party involved. …

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We are proud to announce our partnership with one of the most exciting movements in the cryptosphere, CryptoTribunal. CryptoTribunal is a blockchain-based initiative that’s seeking to redress the rampant fraudulent activities in the industry and bring restitution for victims.

The increasing prevalence of fraud in the industry has led to many discrediting it, distorting the pioneering works some of the brightest minds of this generation have put into decentralizing and disintermediating global finances. A lot of people who invested their hard-earned money into potential projects have wound up becoming victims with scammers leveraging the decentralized nature of the industry to vanish into the wind. …

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We are currently entering the final stage of development of our official Ubikiri iOS app and we can’t stay quiet about it any longer! Without further ado, we are proud to share with you what we have worked on so far:

Right off the bat, we can tell you that our iOS app has all the functionalities of the existing web version. At first glance, it will appear similar to our SN app and it’s no coincidence as we used both the web version and the SN app for the basis of its development. The iOS app uses all possible interfaces to engage and affix legal relationships between different subjects and entities. The app makes it much easier to enter into legal relationships and execute functions such as signing contracts or documents linked to your profile. It’s almost as simple and seamless to use as your favourite messenger app! …


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