Ubikiri has a new strategic partner!

A new partnership is coming! We have agreed to use Cryptonomica as our strategic partner for customer identification and soon the ability to link an identified PGP key will be integrated into the interface of the Ubikiri network. This opens up a world of exciting possibilities for our customers through an Open PGP protocol.

How does it work?

From their profile, users will be able to link their verified PGP key to their personal data. Through this key, they can execute numerous functions including the signing of contracts or any documents directly linked to your profile. Users will also be able to use it in the real world and conduct transactions within Chain-in-Law through Ubikiri, giving these transactions completely new meaning — an exchange of signed contracts, acceptance of various offers, certification of events.

With this digital signature, we are now unleashing the entire structure that we’ve been building around this protocol. This is a huge step towards the expansion of our capabilities.

More to come!