Planned Senior Living Facility Construction at Rinaldi and Shoshone in Granada Hills

Don’t subject this busy intersection to more traffic and accidents!

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A map of a neighborhood denotes projected construction site. Additional text states: NO to More Traffic.
Photo from LA City Planning Application — Modified by Author

Granada Hills North neighborhood: Do you know about the planned senior living construction project at the Northwest corner of Rinaldi Street and Shoshone Avenue? Please attend the Granada Hills North Neighborhood Council Planning and Land Use Committee on Thursday, April 20, 2023, at 6:30 pm and provide public comment to voice your opinions and questions on this large project which will dramatically change our neighborhood and increase traffic. This meeting will take place in-person at the St. Euphrasia Auditorium (11766 Shoshone Avenue).

A City Planning Application for a 94-unit senior living and memory care facility was filed by a subsidiary of Confluent Development, a commercial real estate developer based in Colorado, and Confluent’s CEO, Marshall Burton. According to the application filed in July of 2021, the owner of the property continues to be Hillcrest Christian School, the operator of Heritage Christian School.

Heritage Christian School is a private elementary school on the Northeast corner of the same intersection. Longer term residents of the area may recall the school’s 2003 effort to expand onto this same property. That code variance was heavily opposed by our neighborhood, causing Hillcrest to withdraw their application.

Our neighborhood residents know very well how this busy intersection already affects our neighborhood. We know that commuters make left turns onto Shoshone and use our residential neighborhood to access North Balboa Boulevard during rush hour, despite posted signs prohibiting access.

Please review the following selected information provided on City Planning Applications and see references below for direct links to the full permit applications and documents.

A view of a vacant lot includes a dry grass hilly field and a few  homes in the background.
Photo and Caption from LA City Planning Application — by Author

Selected Project Details as Presented in Los Angeles City Planning Application:

  • Proposed Use: 2-story eldercare facility with 94 units, 74 with less than 3 rooms, 20 with 3 rooms, for senior citizens
  • Present Use: Three single-family dwelling units, vacant land
  • Address: 17531–17563 W. Rinaldi Street, 11515–11525 N. Shoshone Avenue, Granada Hills
  • Proposed project description: “Demolition of three existing single family homes and construction of 94-unit elder care facility on A1–1-K zoned land. The eldercare facility will be age restricted and will include mix of studios, 1 bedroom, and 2 bedroom units.”
  • Proposed New Construction: 92,933 square feet
  • Current Construction: 5,280 square feet, to be demolished
  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care Housing: 14,463 square feet, 16% of total
  • Assisted Living Care Housing: 43,393 square feet, 47 % of total
  • Common Areas: 35,077 square feet, 37% of total
  • Total lot area: 258,453 square feet
  • Vehicular Access: “Vehicular circulation will be provided via a 24' wide drive aisle running parallel to the two main streets. Passenger drop-off is separated from the main drive aisle and is identified with enhanced paving. Pedestrian paths do not cross over drive aisles and courtyards are shielded from vehicles by the building.”
  • Parking spaces provided: 71, (70 parking spaces required by LAMC 12.21A4)
  • Will the project provide reduced parking spaces, pursuant to Section LAMC Section 12.21-A, 4(u)? Yes
  • Will there be nurses and/or doctors visiting the facility? Yes. If Yes, how many? varies; and how often? (blank)
  • What is the maximum number of staff at the facility at any given time? varies
  • Recreational Amenities: “Exercise room, theater/chapel, activities club room, great room, dining room, private dining room, living room, sun room, arts and crafts room, salon, spa, and massage/exam room.”
  • Enriched Services On-site: “Restaurant style dining, bistro, salon, massage, club room, arts and painting, gym/exercise and library. We offer clinical support with our care team providing nursing, medication management and oversite, allowing residents to age in place over time.”
  • No units designated as Affordable (LAMC 12.22A25d)
The front of a church is on a street corner. Caption states: “6. View of Heritage Christian School looking east across Shoshone Ave.”
Photo and Caption from LA City Planning Application — by Author

Links to Los Angeles City Planning Application Case Summary and Documents:

More detail from the Planning Application:

  • “Pursuant to LAMC Section 14.3.1.B, the Applicant requests approval of an Eldercare Facility Unified Permit for the construction, use, and maintenance of a 94-unit Eldercare Facility consisting of Assisted Living Care Housing and Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care Housing in the A1 zone. In addition, the Project requests the following deviations under this Eldercare Unified Development Permit:
  • a. A deviation from LAMC Section 12.22.C.1 to permit vehicular parking within the 25-foot Building Line along Rinaldi Street established by ORD-100,145.
  • b. A deviation from LAMC Section 12.21.C.1.g to permit vehicular parking within a designated front yard area.
  • c. A deviation from LAMC Section 12.05.A.13 to permit a Monument Sign in the A1 Zone.”
A home is viewed through trees. Caption states: “7. View of existing single family home looking northwest from Shoshone Ave.”
Photo and Caption from LA City Planning Application — by Author

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