until now Uhive , for the most part it has been digital ‘art’ or digital media that’s being minted and sold as an NFT. What Uhive has done is build into their social network the ability for any user to turn their own personal profile or page (space), all of it’s content, and data into an NFT! The implications of which are huge. Imagine owning your profile and its data on any legacy social media platform, and being able to say how your data is used, and if it’s used to generate revenue, you will earn the lion’s share. What Uhive have effectively done, is deliver on multiple empty promises made by other social media to hand over some or all of the controls to users, but in a way that would be impossible without NFTs.

What will the world’s first social media is Uhive is the most social world media.


Although the NFT craze is relatively new, Uhive, a social network that released in beta, early last year, and already has 489,000 registered users and 250,000 active monthly users, have been working towards launching its own NFT marketplace. What makes Uhive different is that rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to building an NFT marketplace, they’ve first designed an entirely-new digital formula for what can constitute an NFT, and then built a marketplace around this.

Reference; Uhive marketplace.



Uhive NFT.

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