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How to add PNFT token in metamask?.

1.Please ensure you have installed and set up MetaMask on your device, and connected it to Plian network L2 wallet.

2. Select one wallet address

Select the ERC 20 address where you would like to keep PNFT. If the address is not in your account list on Metamask, use its private key or Json file to import to MetaMask.

Select type you want to use to import address.

Option 1:

Option 2:

Here, you import the address to MetaMask successfully.

3. Add Token

Go to Plian L2 wallet, click the Add Token button in the Assets page.

4. In the Custom Token page, please fill out the required info one by one, and click Next button.

PNFT contract address: 0x10401b9A7E93E10aC92E7bB55Ae87433B9E01e08

Token Symbol: PNFT

Token Decimal: 18

5. You’ll now see PNFT in your assets list so it’s easier to track and use.

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