We are happy to announce that we will soon be packaging and releasing our first brew from our 1000 litre kit.

For our first run we wanted to brew something special but with scaling up for the first time which presents many challenges and unknown factors such as kettle efficiency, strike/mash temperature loss and just how well the heat exchange would work we had one goal, the only important one: make awesome beer.

In these glorious days of brewing the market is absolutely full of different beers, ranging from “Godly” to the “You should apologise for brewing this!”, and to stand out you have to make something exceptional. That being said and with the unique facilities we have at UBREW we offered a challenge up to all the staff (of who all have ninja brewing skills) to create a pale ale of particular quality and quaffability.

The rules were simple:
• Brew a Pale Ale
• No more than 5.5%
• Use any additions/hops/herbs you want
• US04/05 yeast only
• All brews to be force carbed in corny kegs

The resulting brews would then be put on sale to the members at a special takeover at the UBREW tap room where they could vote on their favourite.
The takeover for all the brews was well attended and the top three brews were in close contention but in the end, and with no foul play we are assured, our esteemed co-founder Mr Matt Denham won by the skin of his teeth. The brew in question was a pale combining the spicy pine of both Liberty and Chinook hops with the maple flavour of Matt’s homeland Canada. With the residual sweetness and mouthfeel from oats and the balanced hop blend and underlying maple backbone it was floral, pungent and incredibly easy to drink.

Overall, we were very happy with how the kit performed on its first use. We learned a lot and have already found room for improvement. We’ve started off on a great footing but now we can only get even better.

We’re expecting this batch to move quickly, so don’t hang about if you’d like to try it fresh or at all!

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