Sad Mormon Heaven and Mr. Rogers’ Wager
Jon Ogden

In most of these conversations, I think we mentally create a God who is in fact dumber or meaner than we are.

It’s facile but true to say we have a very limited glimpse of what a God has in mind for his children, but I would bet he doesn’t play petty games with affiliations.

The Lord likened the church to leaven — a tiny pinch added to a large mass of flour, intended to facilitate the work of the flour. The leaven was never intended to switch roles with the flour — we only need a little bit of it, or else it ruins the recipe.

The church has a specific role to play in the history of the world, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most wrongs, conflicts, and confusions are made right after this life is over, when everyone can decompress from this mortal experience and get a clear picture of God’s order, and not just its deeply flawed mortal equivalent.

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