Play Bubble Soccer With Archery Tag Equipment For All Your Sporting Event

Do you love to play soccer and push other players around without all the rules? Well, bubble soccer might just be the right game for you. It is a great option if you love to play outdoors. Bubble-soccer is a unique and fun game whereby the players play inside a bubble suit. The game began on the football fields of Europe and has become one of the best new sport games today. It is a cross- between- soccer and zorbing. How To Play Bubble Soccer With Archery Tag Equipment The Archery tag equipment game is safe and friendly to play. Players can play both indoors and outdoors. This game is a combination of traditional archery, laser tag, dodge ball and paint ball. The combination of archery tag game and bubble soccer is exciting and everyone should try to experience it. The thrill of going after your opponent and the possibility of getting shot by an arrow while inside a bubble bring a lot of excitement to the game. With two teams competing against each other and are separated by a safe zone in the field. The main aim is to hit your opponents as many times as possible and knock them out. Any player is eliminated once you are hit by an arrow. Zorb Balls Zorbing is a sport where the players roll down the hill or play on a level field in a large orb. The zorb ball which is usually transparent enables the player to have clear vision of the field while playing. This plastic orb that surrounds the players allows their feet to run-around freely while wearing the orb as they kick the ball. The players wear their own body zorb whereby they are able to bump into each other while tumbling without feeling any impact. The Water Ball The water ball is a large bubble ball similar to the zorb that allows you to walk and play across the water surface. It is a approximately 2 meter diameter ball with a zipper to allow you to enter or exit. It is uniquely built with only 1 layer to enable it to float on water. It is a fun game to play especially for kids as it keeps them fit. Conclusion The bubble soccer with archer game is a fun way to enjoy soccer and archery at the same time. It is common game in most sporting events such as, corporate events for team building or special events such as soccer themed events and birthdays.