Make Your Own Thing

My Dad would love this article. I’ve been copied by my competition so many times in my entrepreneurial journey and I would focus all my energy on what a bunch of asses those people were to copy me and “how could they”, and my Dad would always tell me “it really doesn’t matter Shannon, ignore your competition, focus on making your product the best it can be” which obviously made me even more mad. Of course it took me 33 years to listen to him… with my latest venture I have a little ‘declaration of clarity’ that I run my business by and with every decision I make I refer back to that document to make sure it’s inline with my initial reasoning for starting the whole business. It’s okay to check in with your competition every once in a while, but really, if you almost forget about them and give your own idea everything it deserves, you won’t have any real competition in the end.

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