On Sept. 4, a group of teenagers hacked to death Mohsin Ali, 14, a ninth-grade student from the Mohammadpur area of Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka. The attack also left three of his friends seriously injured.

Children and young men walk the streets of Bangladeshi capital Dhaka on Sept. 26. The country has seen a deadly rise in teen gang culture, triggering a surge in serious juvenile crimes. (Photo by Stephan Uttom/UCA News)

The murder was the result of rivalry between two local teen gangs — Ali and his friends belonged to the “Film Jhir Jhir” group, while their rivals were from a gang called “Voyankar” (Dangerous).

Police later raided the area and arrested several Voyankar members, while others went into hiding.

The tragic case highlights the deadly rise in recent decades of a teen gang culture in Bangladesh…

Verdict welcomed after court goes ahead with trial despite victim’s parents appealing for a pardon

Photo by Masjid Pogung Dalangan on Unsplash

The brother of a Pakistani model has been jailed for life for murdering her for “dishonoring” her family in the socially conservative Muslim country.

Qandeel Baloch, 26, one of Pakistan’s biggest social media stars, was drugged and strangled at her home in Multan in July 2016 by her brother, days after she posted selfies with Islamic cleric Mufti Abdul Qavi.

Her father lodged a police complaint blaming two of his sons and the cleric for her death.

Muhammad Waseem made a public admission that he…

Poor safety standards mean that traffic accidents continue to maim and kill employees

An overcrowded truck takes garment workers to their village in Kampong Chhnang province. (Photo by Sineat Yon/UCA.News)

Garment worker Phork Lang has been working in Cambodia’s Svay Rieng province for only seven months but has already been involved in two traffic accidents while commuting to and from work.

On July 2, the minivan taking her home from a factory in Santong special economic zone was hit by a truck. “My leg was heavily swollen,” she said.

Phork Lang, 26, barely had time to recover from her injury before she was involved in another accident on July 20. This time the consequences were more severe…

Journalist’s truth mission gives voice to Myanmar’s voiceless

Photo by J on Unsplash

He could have kept his silence and stayed out of the spotlight, but “love and compassion” moved Ko Swe Win to take a stand.

For his “undaunted commitment to practicing independent, ethical, and socially engaged journalism,” the 41-year-old editor of Myanmar Now received this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Award.

The award panel recognized Swe Win’s “incorruptible sense of justice and unflinching pursuit of truth in crucial but under-reported issues.”

It cited the journalist’s “resolute insistence that it is in the quality and force of media’s truth-telling that we can convincingly protect human rights…

Husband’s disappearance started a fight for rights that has seen Angkhana Neelapaijit become a Ramon Magsaysay Award winner

Angkhana Neelapaijit of Thailand is one of the five winners of this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Award for “championing justice, case after painful case.” (Photo by Maria Tan)

Angkhana Neelapaijit’s quest for justice started when her husband, a human rights lawyer and activist, disappeared 15 years ago. She went to the police, appealed for help from legislators, and took her case to the media, but to no avail.

Her husband remains missing to this day.

The Thai housewife never expected to be thrust into the limelight. She said her only priority in life was for her and her children to survive.

Now she’s learned that “when something happens to you…

The cutting edge of applied technology for social control is in China, where the human right to privacy is daily violated against its 1.4 billion people. As Chinese Communist Party wants to export its new social control technologies globally, that should worry us

Photo by Lianhao Qu on Unsplash

Artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics and biometrics are all leveraged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in its quest for increasing control over the individual.

The CCP requires purveyors of block-chain technology, as with digital technologies more generally, to provide the government with a perfectly transparent window into the data, including personal identifiers (PID), of users.

Hundreds of Pakistani Twitter accounts have been suspended for tweeting about New Delhi’s revoking of special constitutional status for Indian Kashmir, claims Pakistan’s telecommunications regulator.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said it had received 333 complaints regarding the suspension of Twitter accounts vocal about a military and communication lockdown in India’s Jammu and Kashmir.

The accounts were reportedly suspended following objections from India.

The uptick in tensions has come after an Indian presidential decree on Aug. 5 abrogated Article 370 of India’s constitution that guaranteed special rights in the Muslim-majority state.

New Delhi has also imposed a crippling curfew, suspended…

Every year, on Sept. 8, Catholics mark the Blessed Virgin Mary’s “birthday.” Unlike Christmas or Easter, however, the day comes and goes mostly unnoticed.

Filipino women hold images of the Virgin Mary during a religious procession in Manila. (Photo by Maria Tan)

Every year, on Sept. 8, Catholics mark the Blessed Virgin Mary’s “birthday.” Unlike Christmas or Easter, however, the day comes and goes mostly unnoticed.

This is reflective of how we Catholics give less importance to the role of Mary in our lives.

St. Anne, the mother of Mary, was told that the Lord heard her prayers and she would “conceive and shall bring forth” a precious gift to the world, the mother of the savior.


Some very ignorant and deluded people with weak procreation ability think rhino horn has medicinal properties to aid their drooping and flagging sexual prowess. They are wrong; it is useless as a medicine.

A farmer burns part of a mountainside in the southern Philippine province of South Cotabato. Slash-and-burn agriculture, also called fire-fallow cultivation, is a method that involves the cutting and burning of plants in a forest. (Photo by Angie de Silva)

The ongoing burning of the rainforest in Brazil under its newly elected president Jair Bolsonaro is an indication of the destructive power of a dictatorial leader. He is allowing thousands of hectares of rainforest to be cut down and burned.

Toxic fumes engulf many Brazilian towns. He is changing the forest into grazing land for beef production. …

Have you ever heard of the ruins of Sirkap? Or that they have World Heritage status. According to tradition, St. Thomas passed through Taxila on his way to India and preached at the court of King Gondophares.

Devoted service: Abdul Rehman collects trash from St. Thomas’s Sirkap archeological site in the city of Taxila, Punjab province, on Aug. 27. (Photo by Kamran Chaudhry)

For the past two decades, Abdul Rehman has been telling stories of St. Thomas the Apostle’s visit to the Sirkap archeological site in Punjab province.

“Christian pilgrims, pastors, priests, foreign tourists and students of history are among the top visitors,” said the 47-year-old tour guide. “These also include many Muslims who claim to have had their prayers answered. …


There for the Voiceless. Telling the stories of and giving voice to the people on the fringe, the disadvantaged and persecuted.

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