Ucarer - The First Third-Party Homecare Reservation Platform In Taiwan

Ucarer is the first third-party platform that provide reservation for those one who need short-term home care in Taiwan. It provides real-time, transparent information, professional reservation care services by iOS/Android Apps.

Ucarer's core values are:

First, we provide families who have requests in home care can easily find a safe and appropriate carergiver, nursing staff, physical therapist and functional therapist.
Second, we also safeguard those one who provide care service can manage every cases by their own, provide services safely, and increase their income sources.

The ultimate goal Ucarer strive for is to speed up the flow of home care information and create an excellent and a quality care environment in Taiwan.

Ucarer's Service Process

Here's Ucarer's Service Process graph

Ucarer Service Process graph
  • Safe, convenient, suitable for short-term home care services.
  • The caregiver has been authenticated for multiple licenses.
  • Caregivers are interviewed by home care professionals
  • After booking, you can talk with the caregiver and coordinate the relevant care information
  • Without preparing cash, just use credit card and you can enjoy Ucarer.

If you are interested in our service or have any suggestions, contact us.

Contact information
106, 3rd Floor, №149, Roosevelt Road, Da’an District, Taipei City