How time flies!

In fact, it has been 8 years and a few months since I wrote the poem(?) above.

In other words, it also marked the same amount of freaking long time my fully dearly mom has left the world and me (physically, though, as she is always right here-pointing my ♥-with me).

Life surely got rough after she left me, but it taught me to be tough as well.

I am supposed to get my tears down right now, talking about her, but nope. I won’t cry and won’t be crying about her starting from now on for I believe that she is beyond happy for living her afterlife up there.

Otherwise, I feel like crying whenever I remember my father right now. I’m crying for knowing the fact that I haven’t made him happy up until now.

Realizing that I couldn’t and never ever possibly could make one of my parents happy when she was alive, my wish is to make another one, who is still alive and breathing his supposed to be a joyful life, happy right now. He is the one and only soul I truly love on earth.