9Apps is the Play Store Alternate with Better App Recommendations and more Features

Google Play Store is pre-installed in all android devices. This gives them an upper hand in the business of apps. The search giant which owns both Android Operating System and Play Store is really playing their trick. They are like forcing users to go by their store. This article will tell you how good is 9Apps as an Android store.This app store comes with some extra features which really make it worth trying.

Before proceeding, we would caution you that the store does not have as many apps as Play Store which is the largest app store. You will find apps for all your needs. This is our guarantee. Now let’s move on to those unique features of 9apps.

Better recommendations
At 9Apps, we recommend you only those apps which best suit your needs and requirements. You won’t miss any new apps. We analyse the behaviour and consumption pattern of every user to identify what they are most interested in.

Safety Guaranteed
Being not as popular as other app stores, our reliability is often questioned. You can be sure of your privacy and security is taken care well enough to protect your privacy. Each of the apps get into the store only after they have gone through a number of trials and tests. No apps with malicious software will get into our store. In addition, the company does security check very often.

Features of 9Apps
Why should I go for another app store when I have Play Store pre-installed on my Android device?I asked myself this question when I heard about the store for the first time. I thought to give it a try after reading a few good reviews. Now after using this store for a handful of time, I feel very happy. I would be a fool if I didn’t try it then. Looking at the following feature you will also see that this app is really good.

1. Better app recommendations: This feature suggests you the best of apps, depending on your use cases and interests.
2. Advanced data compression technology: This is useful to save data. As data is compressed you will lose only little data.
3. Wide range of categories: Apps are listed under various categories. This makes searching easier.
4. Price comparison: With this feature, you can compare the prices of various online stores.
5. Hindi Language Support: Apnibhasha se achakyahai? (What is better than our mother tongue?)It supports national language. So language is not a barrier here.
6. Coupons: Coupons help you save money. So before you purchase online, check this section to see if some coupons are available.

I am sure these features are good enough to woo you. Download 9apps to download free mobile apps on your smartphone.