Weekly Updates (6–8–2019)

Aug 12, 2019 · 1 min read

The bi-weekly newsletter provides the most up-to-date information on UChain’s whole ecosystem development.

UIP0.7 encoding is in progress.
Weekly report (UIP0.7):
1.UIP0.7 dozens of demand points entry work (40%), see https://github.com/UCHAIN-WORLD/uchain-fullnode/issues
2. UIP0.7 business logic writing (35%)
3. DAPP release logic (40%)
4. Third-party developer code is posted to the chain logic (30%)
5. Core developers check code logic (30%)
6. Core Developer Signs Third Party Developer DAPP Logic (30%)

UChain is the first public infrastructure blockchain designed specifically for the global sharing economy network. Same as other sharing economy businesses, UChain is aimed to building up its infrastructure blockchain network, to resolve the current trust and data use issues.

Through API and SDK that are provided by UChain, all sharing economy businesses will be able to publish their own token in UChain network and establish applications, so as to making UChain a better global self-governance sharing economy ecosystem.

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