The interesting colleagues I have met this Boot camp.

Stranger Kids

My first day at boot camp, everyone seemed so swamped, busy with one deadline or the other. Regardless, I was able to say hello to some early birds who surprisingly turned out friendly and fun to meet with.

Prior to the boot camp, I’d met this cool guy at the interview who was really cheerful and hopeful. What struck me the most wasn’t about him being hopeful… c’mon I too was hopeful at the interview, rather, he was really hoping that I make it to the boot camp; well… look who made it. We connected really well and from the first day, we received Andela E-mail till the very night before boot camp. It was really interesting to share experiences and expectations, also, having the assurance of a familiar face at the boot camp.

Never judge a book by its cover…. well, I think I understand that phrase better after my encounter with one of my colleagues. He didn’t appear all that friendly at first but we seemed to have so much in common even down to the pattern of design for our project. You should have seen the smile on our faces when we found out we support the same football team.

What are the odds?. Our brief bromance was however cut short by the presence of the facilitators who had come to kick-start the boot camp.