Adaptability And My Experience So Far At Bootcamp.

The Andela Bootcamp has been a wonderful experience so far. The Bootcamp is meant to introduce one to what you are to expect when you make the fellowship. With all the challenges encountered, I have been forced to adapt to the dynamic environment I found myself in if I want to succeed.

I have had to adapt to learning and implementing almost immediately and assimilating so much in so little time. Usually I like to take my time to fully understand all concepts before implementing them which usually is a slow process and this allows me end up with a lot of knowledge and little or no work to show for it. But the Bootcamp environment is very fast-passed and the nature of the challenges so far has made me adapt to quickly understanding requirements, seeking solutions and implementing functionality. And I have discovered that by actually working with these concepts, my understanding of improved more.

Also, most of the challenges I faced during Boot camp were mostly related to skill deficiencies in some areas. I am always concerned whenever there is a new challenge to be announced because of the possibility that it is yet another area that I am lacking in skill set. Worrying about all this was not helping me in anyway instead it was putting me under more pressure. Then I realized that all I needed to do was ask questions, research and I get to understand. So when next I am faced with another challenge I do the same thing and so on. This has helped me to adapt to the fast-paced environment of the Boot camp.

This experience has made me examine certain principles I used to hold dear and I am glad to report that I am better for it. With all these adaptive processes I have to go through; I must say it has been exciting and quite revealing. I am leaving out old limiting habits and embracing effective unlimiting new ones.

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