Journey So Far In Boot camp

Its been three days since I began this programming bootcamp and things have been hectic. I code and do the required outputs for the day and often find myself staying up till very early in the morning to work on my projects in order to keep up. It makes for long days but the amount of progress in learning is impressive coming from having zero knowledge before all this.

I have progressed to setting up the server end of the project and met with alot of obstacles, most of them stemming from the state of my computer system. But thanks to my team and LFA I was able to overcome some of my challenges. Self-learning can be isolating, so having people who are all as passionate and determined as me to learn how to code easily reachable online has been really helpful.

By attending a bootcamp I have been forced to commit to learning, to make becoming a developer my sole focus, no distractions. I have made more progress, both in the knowledge department as well as in networking, in the past few days. So far it has been an incredibly rewarding experience and I am excited to see what is in store in the coming days.