It is my first week as Andela fellow and I am so excited. Making it through a very rigorous process into Andela gave me the confidence to say “bring it on, I am ready”. The First two days was for induction to understand the company’s culture and policies and have been very insightful. I must say, I find it quite difficult to refer to Andela as a “Company”, she feels more like Family.

Worthy to note that in these few days, my sleeping time has reduced from 7-hours to 4-hours per day. Doctors advise a minimum of 8-hours sleep a day and I like to sleep too but l have to spend more time understanding the ES6 syntax so that I can cover more grounds entering simulations.

However fun it has been, I’ve got real work to do. The expectations are challenging, immense to say the least. But I’ve made it this far, why would I want to disappoint myself, the recruitment team, Andela, and all the lovely people who supported me. Other than my belief in God and myself, I feel positive, really positive, about these expectations. The support system here at Andela is incredibly joint and thriving.

The takeaways from the week include how important the Andela mission is and how we fit into the movement, the simulations timeline and how vital meeting checkpoints on time is. In order to successfully scale through simulations, I am expected to complete checkpoint 2, cover at least 50% of the D1 learning outcomes and be recommended by my facilitator and facilitation manager.

It has been an exciting experience so far, I have had a shift in my boundaries which increases my confidence and productivity. I look forward to adapting to other conditions that may arise from my promotion from one stage to another. Adaptability will simply lead growth and development.

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