My goals for HNG Internship 8.0

Coding is bae

I just started the HNG Internship 8.0(HNGi8). It is a 3-month remote tech internship which is organized once every year by This year’s version is in partnership with Ingressive For Good(I4G). Most, if not all, of the activities take place in a massive workspace on slack. So far, there are over 10,300 people in the workspace, which is quite insane! So many devs/aspiring devs on one platform, working towards the same goals. The energy there is off the charts. I registered for the internship using this link and the program officially begins today. I am already connecting with and making friends with a few other interns. To find out more about this internship, visit


My name is Uchechukwu Okeke, and I am a mobile developer. I am proficient in IOS(Swift) and also write some Flutter.

My Goals for this internship are:

  1. To complete the whole process and get to the finals, so I can have bragging rights that I am an HNG Finalist.
  2. I believe that working on projects in this internship will give me a strong portfolio of projects with which I can confidently apply for, and get a well paid job as a mobile developer.
  3. I hope to make lifelong friends in this journey as well, most especially ladies. I don’t have female techie friends and would love to have more of them.

By the end of 8 weeks, I would have achieved the following:

  1. Developed a minimum of 2 launchable mobile applications with all functionalities working properly and the UI optimized fully for both IOS and Android platforms
  2. Made at least 3 female friends with whom I communicate with on a regular basis and share ideas with
  3. A beautiful portfolio site with links to my apps
  4. Become well positioned to hit the ground running at a mobile development job

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Here are some great tutorial links for anyone that wants to venture into software development. They are quite short and beginner friendly. I learnt a whole lot by going through them.

  1. Git Tutorial for Beginners: Learn Git in 1 Hour
  2. The Figma 2021 Crash Course by Example
  3. Flutter Crash Course

I am quite excited to be in this program. I can’t wait to see how it goes. Cheers!




I am a Software Engineer proficient in IOS(Swift), Flutter, React

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Uchechukwu Okeke

Uchechukwu Okeke

I am a Software Engineer proficient in IOS(Swift), Flutter, React