Nigeria finally joins the league of countries experiencing hardships or a recession as the economists call it. In my opinion, I strongly believe that Nigeria needed something extreme to reawaken the mind set of her leaders. For any county to succeed in the global scene, there must be a deliberate intent by its leadership to establish a platform that enables creativity and innovation. Unfortunately for us, the Oil BOOM! Blinded the neural pathways in our brains that push nations in a continuous spin and hunger for cutting edge solutions.

We lost our mental maturity and became infants addicted to the unending supply of Oil from the breasts of mother earth, sucking every drain at the expense of common sense and reasoning. But finally, “Olympus has Fallen” and the breasts of mother earth are in recess.

Our eyes are finally wide open, reality has slapped us in the face, kicked us in the backside and laughed hard at our folly. How can a nation with endless resources and brain power still be on its knees at the mercy of poverty? The whole thought alone drives you literally nuts. But maybe failure would be the only antidote that saves us from ourselves. Although this is not the best approach to development, it serves us right!

I remember the popular saying, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. Honestly, Nigeria would probably win a Guinness world record for having the highest population of it citizens that collectively understand the meaning of the phrase at the same time regardless of tribe, religion and political affiliation. Hardship has finally taught us to look inward as a nation to fend for ourselves. The government surprisingly has started seeking for locally produced alternatives to save cost. I am not persuaded that the new status quo is to boost local manufacturers or small and medium scale enterprises with the aim of driving the nation in the right direction.

The leadership of our great country Nigeria are in a dire fix, and the only way to sustain political power is to look inward with the sole aim of saving cost. The American dollar has finally choked the Nigerian Naira to the point where we literally have over five exchange rates. Even though I have an engineering background, I am constantly checking the dollar rate like I even understand what I would do with my findings.

Any nation that does not capture the value of vision, does not deserve to enjoy the fruits of success. Agriculture and information technology remains a major sector of the Nigerian economy that has being deliberately ignored due to the over dependence on oil. But finally, even our leaders have no other choice than to think differently and seek innovative alternatives. The brain has its purpose, I just hope that African leaders could use it efficiently.