My Experience as a UI/UX tutor at @Stutern

It really gives me great joy and happiness when there’s an opportunity to serve and also give back to the ecosystem.

It’s inspiring to INSPIRE others to become MORE and DO more. To me, that is success.

The 4weeks of being with Stutern, a Lagos — based startup company connecting interns with Employees was mad thrilling for me, the experience was really an opportunity i will never forget.

The Students really inspired me from the first day of class. At first, i was nervous, i mean, this is my first time taking a class on UI/UX. I tried as much possible not to fumble and disgrace my family members and my friends, but it was pure bliss thereafter. We learnt so much together.

I was hired to tutor on User Interface/ User Experience. For those who stumbled on this post and don’t know what User Interface/ User Experience is, At the most basic level, the User Interface(UI) is the series of screens, pages, and visual elements — like buttons and icons — that you use to interact with a device, the design, the look and feel of a product.
User experience (UX), on the other hand, is the internal experience that a person has as they interact with every aspect of a company’s products and services.

At the end of the course, my aim was achieved. Students were able to:

  • Identify the most effective methods of user research for any given project and how to implement them (User Research).
  • Organize vast amounts of information, from articles in a magazine to items on an e-commerce site, in a way that makes sense to users (Information Architecture).
  • Design the behavior of digital products in order to support user goals (Interaction Design).
  • Communicate the use and function of a digital tool through visual design to ensure that users of that product can effectively interact with it (Visual Design).
  • Articulate their thinking and process via words, written & verbal, and pictures, through sketches, wireframes, and presentations (Design Communication).
  • Utilize business requirements and technical constraints/abilities in order to design products that can be launched successfully into the world (Solving Business Problems)
  • Work with a team of fellow designers, stakeholders, and programmers in order to create polished, functional products and prototypes (Team Collaboration).
  • Learn soft-skills and what hiring managers look for in UX candidates (Industry Expert).
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It was quite an interesting journey for me to share my knowledge. The most interesting part of this journey was that i also learnt a lot by teaching. Big thank you to @nadayar Enegesi of Andela for recommending my expertise to @stutern and also thanks to the co-founder, Kehinde Ayanleye for trusting my abilities.

It all started with over 2000 applicants, graduates who were looking to start a career in the Tech industry. Stutern graduated the best 10. Visit to meet the graduates.

Thank you for being here. Clap and share if you find this interesting.