My Second Day at Andela Boot Camp

Day two at Andela Boot Camp began with “How can we share codes in a team?”. Lots of answers and suggestions were given by my team mates. I loved this section because it was mostly interactive. Almost everyone contributed to the discussion one way or another constructively. I gave my own personal answer from what I used to know and use back then at Papangold.

That section quickly led us into the “git and github fight”. Who is who? Another interactive section it turned out to be. “Can one exist without the other?”, “You tell me…” Duh! At the end, both survived, because I get to use git on my local machine, while github can serve as a “virtual central hosting machine” for git projects. Before I forget, the distributed version control systems (DVCS) won the game overall.

We quickly did some “git add, commit and push commands” exercises. They were fun. My favorite is git commit -a -m ‘updated file.rb’, That commands performs add and commit at the same time for me. I love shortcuts. Lol. And we continued our exercises on Ruby.

I must give kudos to our nice and jovial instructor OKONKWO VINCENT IKEM, friendly team mates and the new Ruby me.

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