Meet the Lit — Athletics & LCA

By Shania Pererra

Meet Kaitlyn and Ben, two of the sweetest people ever (not exaggerating). They sat down with me to answer the questions I made up off the top of my head and they both have a lot to say about their respective commissions.

Ben Wang: Athletics Commissioner


Ben just tried to throw his garbage into the bin basketball style but it didn’t go in, like, at all.

The aim was right, but the power was off, ok? Cut me some slack.

Describe your role on the Lit.

I’m the Athletics Commissioner. I’m in charge of our intramural sports program, which is now, finally, after much effort, up and running smoothly. We also take care of our athletics-themed events. For example, the Blue Jays game that just we had in September, and the Raptors game that we’ll have this month.

What do you study?

I’m in a dual major. One of my majors is molecular genetics and microbiology, which is a big set of words for life science. I’m also in statistics. Every time I say the full title, people’s eyes sort of bulge a little bit.

What do you do for fun?

I just like to chill… I used to play a lot of video games. This whole Athletics Commission thing has really reduced that significantly. Beyond that I actually like to spend time with friends and hang out.

What were the video games you were into?

I was never a picky guy when I played games; I played a bit of everything. I was big into strategy games, though. I play shooters and stuff too, but I like a thinking man’s game.

Favourite movie?

Forrest Gump. It’s just so many different movies rolled into one. It’s a war movie, it’s a sports movie, […] it’s a romance. There’s everything in there.

Favourite book?

I actually don’t read very often, which weird because I’m pretty much proto-typical, grade-A nerd. Actually, if I had to pick one — and I’m not even joking here — it would be the Anne of Green Gables series.

Favourite genre of music?

I am very much a sole rock-and-roll kind of guy. If it’s got guitar, and drums, and singing, I’m probably into it.

What are your favourite sports at UC?

My hands-down favourite is definitely intro to dodgeball. I captained the dodgeball team last year. It was a lot of fun. But I also play on the Co-Ed Basketball and Men’s Div II Volleyball.

Is there a particular event that you look forward to with your commission?

So this year one of my deputies, Daniyal, has the idea of setting up a charity basketball game between colleges. I’m really excited for it and what it will turn out to be.

How would you encourage people to get involved?

We got a lot of tournaments that come up along the year, so if you’re interested in playing be sure to follow our Facebook group: University College Athletics Commission 2017–2018. We’ll be posting updates there.

Beyond that we also have some intramural teams opening up for intramural sports, so those will probably open up in November or December. And lastly, we need photographers to help us take pictures of our team as they play throughout the year.

You’re a CSC regular. What do you have to say about it?

CSC stands for Commuter Student Centre. It’s this lovely room inside a building sandwiched between Morrison Hall and Whitney Hall. It’s a nice place for students to spend time. Once you get to know people you kind of get sucked in to it. You might not be a CSC person at first, but once you get in you are the CSC. There’s no way around it.

Planning on being anything cool for Halloween?

No, I usually don’t do Halloween. And it’s a busy time of year with midterms and assignments, so probably not. We’ll see.

It’s funny that you called yourself a nerd, because people might think of sports and associate your commission with ‘jock’ culture. How would you discern it from that?

I’ve gotten a lot of jokes about that. I think the key here is that intramural sports here at UC aren’t really targeted towards jocks, or really athletic people. The point of it is that everyone can get involved and just have a good time. Sure, very athletic people can obviously still join, but you can be a horrible player and we can still find a place for you on the team.

I remember last year, with the Div II volleyball team… that was a great time. We didn’t win very many games but it was so fun to be around a group of players who were at that skill level and to try our best and try to get those sets in. We managed to win one set against the engineering team. It was as though we won the World Cup or something. Winning was nice, but, frankly, being together with that team was a lot of fun.

Kaitlyn Ferreira: LCA Commissioner

Kaitlyn with our President Albert

So, we usually start these off by asking everyone who they are and what they do for fun.

My name’s Kaitlyn, Kaitlyn Ferreira and I’m the Literary and Creative Arts Commissioner on the UC Lit. What do I do for fun? I’m a life-sci student so fun is few and far between. (Laughs) I write a lot of slam poetry and I perform in, like, seedy clubs in Mississauga. Maybe you’ll see it in a Coffeehouse sometime soon.

I’m also a big outdoorswoman. I like hunting, fishing, archery, canoeing. Canoeing is fun. You and I should go canoeing sometime.

I’ve never even gone camping.

I was a girl guide; I did a lot of camping.

What led you to the LCA Commission?

I did student council in high school and I hated it. I came here and I was like, I’m not doing student council… that sounds like a terrible idea. But then I started going to events, and my first event was a coffeehouse in first year. And I knew I wanted to run for LCA one day.

Why do you think it’s significant to the UC community?

I like to think that the LCA is the “Jack of all Creative Trades.” So when each commission puts on an event I’m there to set up sound, make sure the music is good, and be there for them in any creative aspect. And when we’re running our own events, I just want it to be a great place for people to gather together and have fun even if they don’t say they’re creative.

I wanted to make LCA a place where people who don’t think they’re creative have an outlet. They can do Paint and Wine nights with us, they can participate in our Lip-Sync Battle […] it’s a place where you can have fun and forget about everything else for a little bit.

To get an idea of who people are I’ve been asking people what their favourite movies/TV shows/books are. Can you list yours?

I’m really, really, into musical theatre. Recently, I’ve been rocking out to Sweeney Todd — you know, for Halloween. And on the flip side I’m also really into pop punk. I know those don’t work well together. (Laughs)

I had a really intense My Chemical Romance phase. I had a pink streak in my hair.

I am learning so much about you right now.

I was a hardcore, Avril Lavigne-Catholic-schoolgirl mess. My favourite movie is Funny Girl from 1968 with Barbra Streisand. I always cry at the end. And Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump is great.

I also like detective shows and things like Law and Order. I can have a twelve-hour marathon of just Law and Order.

Why do you think art is important to people’s identity?

I definitely think that art, no matter what form it’s in, is definitely an expression of you, or things that you might not know about yourself. And I think even art you consume on a daily basis, whether you read the Garg or do any other form of art yourself, gives you the chance to say the things that don’t you don’t exactly have the words to say.

What’s your Halloween costume?

For school I’m the Bee’s Knees — I’m going to tape bees to my knees. And for a Halloween party I’m going to be Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

Does the LCA Commission have anything planned for Halloween?

We’re actually having our spooky, Halloween themed Coffeehouse in the middle of November. A Halloween Part II, after reading week. It’s going to be super exciting!