Meet the Lit — Off-Campus & Social

Meet Sara and Tua, our respective Off-Campus Commissioner and Social Commissioner. Be sure to attend all the exciting events they have in store for you, especially in the upcoming semester!

Check out Sara’s Spotify playlist here and Tua’s playlist here


Tell me a little bit about yourself, like what you do for fun, and what you study.

I’m in third year, studying history and renaissance studies. I like history, and I’m into gaming, hiking, painting and gardening.

I know that you work at EB games as well. What kind of video games are you into?

I like RPGs, fantasy open-world kind of stuff. Right now I’m playing Assassin’s Creed and The Witcher.

Favourite movies/TV shows/music?

I like period dramas. Right now I’m listening to a lot of 80s music and dance. I love stuff like Game of Thrones, Outlander, and Stranger Things.

Describe your role on the Lit.

I’m the Off-Campus Commissioner. Basically, we run events for the off-campus community — usually commuters and people who don’t live on res — although res people are included as well. We run events in the CSC and off-campus. So we have a mix of events that take place here, and we try to make sure that everything is accessible to commuters as well, and that it isn’t too res-focused.

What would you say is the biggest challenge as a commuter?

The times of things. Everything is definitely scheduled for the convenience of res people — on weekends or during the evenings where, a lot of the time, commuters can’t easily get downtown. It does get expensive as well. You can’t really commute more than you have to. So I want to make sure that when we run events, they’re accessible.

Describe the Orange Room of the CSC in three words.

Rowdy… Better.

Better than last year?

Yeah. And I would say fun. *Laughing*

What are your favourite snacks that you’ve provided here at the CSC?

Chocolate. The Halloween chocolate, it’s so great.

What’s the design on your socks? They look interesting.

It’s a French painting of a picnic and it has a nude on it!

What are your ambitions for your commission?

I know that the CSC seems intimidating, but come to out events! Come hang around, we’re all really friendly and welcoming. If anyone has any ideas or the times for the events are hard to make, let us know and we’ll adapt.


What do you study?

I’m Majoring in Human Geography and doing a Double Minor in Urban Studies and Cinema Studies.

What do you do for fun?

Binge-watching Netflix shows is probably my favorite thing to do but as a Cinema Studies Minor it’s also super convenient that I get to write essays about that type of stuff. I also love just walking around Toronto and exploring!

Describe your role on the Lit.

As the Social Commissioner I’d say my main job is giving out drink tickets… But, more realistically, I’m in charge of organizing the Pub Crawls, Trivia Night and all other social events!

Any particular events you’re looking forward to with your commission this year?

Pub Crawls are always my favorite event of the year and I’m really excited for the first one! (which might have happened by the time this has been published..?*) I was very excited for the first ever Wine and Paint Night which happened in October. For next semester, I’m looking forward to collaborating with the UAA Commissioner, Danielle, for Trivia Night with the Profs.

As the Social Commissioner, do you have any club/bar recommendations?

I don’t go to clubs but for bar recommendations I’d say to go to Kensington Market. There are a lot of small bars there, so there’s something for everyone!

Tea or coffee?

Coffee! I was allergic for a long time but now I’m never letting go again.

Day or night?

Coming from a country** where half of the year the sun doesn’t set and for the other half the sun doesn’t rise, I can’t choose — I need my vitamin D but I also love walking around in the pitch-black, cold winter weathers.

The ROM or the AGO?

AGO — I even have a membership card.

*It has