Meet The Reps — Upper Year Reps

By AJ Ubhi

In the inaugural post of the new series Meet The Reps, I interview the Upper Years Representatives on the UC Lit. I learned that this is the part of the Lit that really likes to hit things when they talk.

You can check out Michelle’s playlist, Mahzeb’s playlist, and Sameer’s playlist on Spotify

Michelle Beyn

Q: Could you tell me about your year of study and program?

A: I’m in fourth year studying neuroscience and psychology. Brains are neat dude!

Q: What is the most interesting thing you’ve did last month?

A: Instead of going out for Nuit Blanche some of my friends and I created our own Nuit Blanche [laughs], in one of my friends apartments. They basically just put up pictures and lights, they did all of the work, I didn’t do the work — but I was there for support! We watched Planet Earth in slow motion while listening to Phil Collins on vinyl. It was honestly one of the best hours of any day.

Q: This is your second time being a rep, and now you’ve been an Orientation Chair as well. Does the experience of being an OC change the way you approach your role as a rep?

A: I think it makes it easier to reach out and communicate with people, because I feel I know more people who were leaders or execs. I think my outreach as a rep has improved because I’m able to get other people involved that I didn’t really know or feel comfortable talking to before.

Q: Why won’t you give Paul Schweitzer one of your OC t-shirts?

A: They’re my t-shirts! I need all three it’s necessary [slams table]. I need one for sleeping, one for memorabilia, and one incase Lindsey loses one of them and needs another one, y’know? I need to have three [spills a jar of coins]. Paul has to work his up to this position. I love you very much Paul, you’re my son.

[Abruptly interrupted by Principal Ainsley, asks us to turn up the lights in the JCR]

Q: You mentioned listening to Phil Collins earlier — what’s your jam right now?

A: Always Phil Collins, but currently [pulls up phone]. I’m really bad at answering questions, put that in there. I’ve been listening to Alvvays a lot. I have an angsty playlist on Spotify since everyone’s making one of those now.

Q: What’s your favourite low key spot on campus?

A: I would say the JCR. I funnel a lot of money into Diabolos. Not a promotion, but one of those mugs for $10, and pay the $5 and they keep it an clean for you for the year. So worth it! I love consumerism, take my money!

Q: What would you advice people who want to me more involved with the Lit?

A: I would say come out to all of the events, you have found out about them through Facebook. If there are events you’re super interested in, like pub crawls or coffeehouses, get in touch with the people running them because they’re always down to take more commission members.

Mahzeb Ashraf

Q: Could you tell me about your year of study and program?

A: I’m in fourth year and I’m doing a double major in physiology and biomedical toxicology.

Q: Tell me about your last experience with ice cream.

I have had the rolled ice cream for the first time in my entire life. I went to get the strawberry flavour and they didn’t have it, so I ended up getting taro and it was really bad [cry laughing]. It didn’t taste like anything, it was just purple.

Q: Are there any shows/movie you are watching right now?

I’m really looking forward to watching Stranger Things, but I saw the first episode of Riverdale and it was really lame. I was watching it in Lash Miller, procrastinating. I was having onion rings.

Q: As someone who enjoys cooking, what’s your favourite thing to make in the fall?

Anything baked. Like cake.

Q: What’s your jam right now?

Since I love cooking so much, I make my own fucking jam [slaps knee, hard]!

Q: Why did you run to be rep?

I had been a part of the UAA and College Council the last two years, and I felt prepared to be a good rep. I just wanted to do more and make sure the voices of the UC community are heard. I just wanted to help out more.

Q: What’s your favourite low key spot on campus?

Lash Miller. Yo, Lash Miller 3rd floor, you don’t know — those couches are so comfortable. No one goes there and the view is actually really nice. You can see UC and all those buildings, at night it’s beautiful. Don’t put this in there, now everyone’s gonna go there.

Sameer Rai

Q: Tell me a little about yourself.

I’m a 5th year, my programs are pharmacology, physiology and psychology. I enjoy doing a lot of different things — I enjoy sports, video games to pass the time. I like keeping up with TV and movies. I just enjoy being knowledgeable and involved with as many things as I can.

Q: Is this your first time being a rep?

This is actually my 3rd time, maybe the 4th being a rep — but I run to be a rep because I like to be a part of the decision making process. The fact I know a lot of people at UC definitely helps in council. Just more being involved with how the area is being run — if I wasn’t on the Lit, I wouldn’t know about the changes that are occurring. Also getting to know people.

Q: Where is Frosh Famed Fiend Manuela now?

Manuela actually sits on the sofa with me, I have a sofa at home with a TV in front of it. Whenever I have people over, we get to hang out with Manuela. If you’ve privy to Instagram, follow Manuela. Her feed is kinda slow right now but –

Q: Yeah I noticed.

… she also has Snapchat. I just don’t like Manuela being by herself on Insta — it’s nicer when she’s taking pictures with other people.

Q: What is your spirit animal/person?

A combination of Paul, Mitch and Preveen [three other Frosh execs] would be my spirit animal. That person would be hilarious 100% of the time. They would constantly take turns being funny.

Q: What’s the most impressive thing you’ve done in the past month?

I survived six straight days of getting only three hours of sleep a night, without naps. That was pretty tough. I had to do that for the midterms that I had.

Q: What’s your jam right now?

Spice girl by Amine [punches the table so loud I thought he might break it]. If you [slams table] haven’t [slams table] him a try you definitely should. I would start with Caroline. Ouu, Charlotte Cardin too if you’re into more chill music.

[We finished the interview by making plans to go Charlotte Cardin when her tour hits Toronto.]