Meet The UC Lit — President & VP

By Shania Perera

Meet our friendly and hard-working President Albert Hoang and Vice-President Victoria Kourtis if the University College Literary and Athletic Society (aka the UC Lit). Albert and Victoria are here to provide for you to the best of their abilities. Catch them in the Junior Common Room… or just about any well-stocked kitchen.

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President Albert Hoang
Vice President Victoria Kourtis

What do you do for fun?

Albert: I like eating good food for fun!

Victoria: love to read but the kitchen has my heart so reading recipes and baking is my favorite!

What have you been binge watching lately?

Albert: I’ve been binge watching The Office lately and tearing up every time I see Phyllis. Love that gal.

Victoria: Lately I have been binge watching Hallmark movies on Netflix! They’re so cheesy and light-hearted that I watch, like, four of them a day… I’m sorry.

Would you rather discover an entirely new planet or explore the world?

Albert: I’d rather explore the world. There’s a lot of magic here already!

Victoria: I would rather explore the world. There is so much that we don’t know about our own planet, like the deep ocean and jungles, that I think it would be a waste of time, especially since we live here…

Do you believe in any mythical creatures?

Albert: I believed in Dobby the House-Elf but, since he passed, I don’t really believe in mythical creatures.

Victoria: I believe that the Loch Ness Monster is real… Sorry-not-sorry. I think she lives in the dark waters surrounding Scotland.

Describe your roles. What else have you been involved in at UC?

Albert: I’m currently the President of the UC Lit, but before that I was a Mid-Year Rep, a deputy for LCA, and editor-in-chief of the UC Review.

Victoria: As the VP, I take care of all Clubs (along with my deputy) and focus on engagement. My goal this year is to get more students involved with all the clubs and commissions. Other than that, I focus on the Lit and make sure that everyone is doing their job. I was a room head helper in my first two years and Services Commissioner last year. Honestly, Services is my love and I live and breathe Fireball.*

What’s in store for the upcoming school year?

Albert: I’m looking to keep myself busy and challenged this school year, working on keeping council engaged and tightknit while paying special attention to redefining the rep role. I’m also looking for an internship in literary journals and photography studios.

Victoria: This year, I have an internship at High Park that I’m really excited about because I’ll get to work with little kids all day and teach them all about the environment. Other than that, fourth year is going to be weird since I feel like I’m four years old and graduating seems weird.

What advice would you give to incoming students who want to get involved?

Albert: Honestly, I would tell them that getting involved is hard to do. It means putting yourself out there, making yourself a little uncomfortable. But know that you have an amazing community here at UC, and one where we want you to feel like you’re a part of a family. The only thing scary about us is how much we all love snacks.

Victoria: For all you froshies or new UC students, I think that you should go at your own pace at all new activities. UC will hopefully become your home as it has definitely become my second home, and we don’t expect you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable! With that being said, make sure you take small steps out of your zone to make sure that you try new things and are able to broaden your horizons!

* Editor’s Note: Fireball is the Annual University College dance

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