Services Commissioner Says, “Fireball is Life”

Services Commissioner Victoria (Vic) Kourtis wraps up her time with Services, from start to finish.

Now that Fireball has come and gone, I can think clearly with all this new free-time I have and tell you about my lovely experience! If you don’t know me, here are some cool facts before I dive into the weekend that was Fireball: The Services Commission has been my home for the past three years as it was the only commission that I signed up for in my first year during UC Clubs day at Orientation. I fell in love with its magic, spirit, and creativity. Along the way, Fireball became my happy place. It dug its claws into me and has been a part of me ever since. As the commissioner this year, I found it very different from being a Room Head like I was my first two years, but this year is a time that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

As a Room Head, you have so much power; you’re given a budget to do whatever your heart desires. In my first year, I was chosen and partnered with my best friend, Kerrie, to decorate Room 376 to do Lego Land. In my second year, I was given the task of decorating East Hall with the theme of Dr. Seuss. Each one had more glitter and more glue and more duct tape than the one before, and each year made me better at keeping up with my agenda because, although it is not as much work as being the commissioner, it is A LOT OF WORK! Your time management skills are basically on fleek for the rest of the year.

After the Magic of Fiction had ended, and the “Post-Fireball-Depression” kicked in like it does every year for about a month, I decided that I wanted a little bit of a change- nothing drastic, just different! I decided to do something that I had never done before and run for a student council position. After running uncontested, I was still nervous for the year to come! I had the renovations to tackle (renovating 5 of the 8 rooms that are used in UC) which were the biggest form of stress for my summer. If you have never been to Fireball before (which I HIGHLY suggest you change the status of before you are done your undergrad…. IT’S LIFE CHANGING), it sprawls eight different rooms within UC (which does not include the three rooms for coat check, one room for the photo booth and the area for the Gryphon Staircase photo), buffet dinner in East Hall, dance party in West Hall, drinks, an abundance of desserts in Croft Chapter House, and DIY decorated rooms based on a general theme. From a Fireball perspective, this was a nightmare. I love the renovations and I really do think that they are going to provide a positive atmosphere to the college but as the commissioner, they are not very “Services friendly”. It was sometime in late August that I got the news that the renovations were being pushed back and I can tell you for a fact that that day was one of the happiest moments of my commissioner career! Much relief! Much happiness! Much! Much! Much!

My deputy, Kirsten, and I decided on the theme for Fireball only about 2 weeks before school began! Our original idea was changed when we heard the news about the renovations, so as thrilled as we were that the building was going to be our “natural” kingdom, we still needed a theme! We thought about what we like to do and what’s better than curling up with a bag of chips or chocolate on a Saturday night with Netflix? Is that just us? Ooooops…. We, then, thought of the most popular shows on TV and even went through the “Most Popular” page on Netflix to make sure we knew “what was up”. Two weeks before Orientation, we were set and ready to roll with “Fireball: Season Premiere”.

The six months leading up to Fireball, and even the week before, I felt like I had my life together. I was organized (my agenda had a detail for every hour and there was ALWAYS something to do), I had contacted all the right people and reminded them of when to come, I had my weekend schedule ready (what a long schedule that was), everything was in place. I feel that with Fireball, no matter how prepared you are going in, there will always be things that you forget or that just come up on the night of! The weekend of set up (which is part of my favourite time of the event), went smoothly and basically without a hitch. It was not until the night of that everything got a little out of control. All I can really say about that night is this: if you are planning a large event, like Fireball, delegate. Delegating roles does not mean becoming a dictator and ordering people around but it is simply saying that you are only one person and you are simply not capable of doing everything on your own. I would not say that I did it all on my own because I definitely did not, but at the end of the day, being the commissioner of the College’s largest formal, people come looking to you for the answers when things go “wrong” or they need help with something. The night of was a little overwhelming but after taking a breather, I ended up having a lot of fun thanks to some of my close friends! Even with all the difficulties that seemed to sporadically come up, the best part was that no one seemed to notice; the guests (from what I’ve heard) had an amazing time and there were no complaints from security on people stealing things. Overall, it was a wonderful event and I can’t think of anything that I would drastically change!

From catering, photo booths, hiring employees, adding three new elements to the Fireball red-book, and just over six months of planning, the work of Fireball is immense. I feel like I can plan anything now (If you’re looking for a wedding planner, hit me up! … I’m not really joking)! Even after all the work it took to put on a show for one night, my love for Fireball is still so deep. I can’t wait to help out next year!

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