Ebenezer Howard’s post-Brexit Garden City

Call for expressions of interest

Max Colson, a former UCL Urban Laboratory artist in residence, is conducting a month-long residency at arebyte gallery in London. This will consider what shape Ebenezer Howard’s original Garden City plan would take if built from scratch on the outskirts of London today.

The ‘formation’ of this new satellite town on the outer periphery of London, located between the pro-Remain centre and the outer Leave boroughs, will consider how historic town-planning templates and architectural designs might be modified by contemporary political attitudes, housing legislation and new technology. It will also provide a critical parallel to the government’s recently announced plans to build a series of ‘garden’ towns and villages across England, in response to the housing crisis.

Max is looking to speak to architects, planners, professional real estate developers, researchers, urban designers and other built environment professionals about this that will help generate a multi-screen narrative film which will be exhibited in November 2017.

Hour-long interviews will be conducted during the residency (20 March — 22 April 2017). If you are interested in giving your thoughts and speculations, please get in touch with the artist at maxdfcolson@gmail.com. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated.

For more details about the residency visit the arebyte website.

It is part of arebyte’s 2017 programme theme of ‘Control’ — speculating on how architecture, urban planning, and real estate development will influence the built environment and social relations in post-Brexit Britain.

More information on Max Colson:

Max Colson is a photographer using a variety of media to explore hidden and unfamiliar architectural forms in urban space. He was the artist-in-residence at UCL Urban Laboratory (2014–2015), a position funded by the Leverhulme Trust. Virtual Control: Security and the Urban Imagination, his first solo exhibition, was hosted at the Royal Institute of British Architects (2015). His work has been featured in a broad range of publications across academia, architecture, and photography. He is exhibited internationally. He teaches at Central Saint Martins on the MA Communication Design.


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