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The Lyon-Turin fighting fraud

In order to assess the efficiency of the tools used to prevent and fight fraudulent practices within the EU, a cross-disciplinary research project, centred on the future railway line, brings together several universities including the UCLy Law Faculty.

What is the connection between the construction of the new high-speed railway line linking Lyon to Turin and the fight against the violation of the European Union’s financial interests? Answer: a European call for tenders to finance the study of the efficiency of existing procedures. In February 2013, the University of Turin asked the UCLy Law Faculty to reply to this call for tenders. The partnership was established naturally since the Lyon-Turin construction work represents the « fieldwork » of the research project. The project developers considered that the partnership would indeed be useful to track down potential fraudulent attempts to divert European funds.

A project at the heart of the EU programme “Prevention of and fight against crime”

Having won the tender, which involved significant European financing for UCLy, the works began in March 2014 and should last for 2 years. The project’s name is the following: “Warning on Crime — Strengthening Knowledge — Enhancing Warnings — Raising Awareness on Public Works’ corruption”, as part of the EU programme “Prevention of and Fight Against Crime 2007–2013”.

“An innovative and cross-disciplinary type of research”

The project launching meeting was held in Lyon on the 16th of April. We thus had the opportunity to meet some of our colleagues working on the research project and define the principal lines of the research, as well as the methods to use. Father Thierry Magnin, President of UCLy, as well as Marc Ollivier, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences, took part in some of the activities.

The next day, a bilateral meeting with the University of Turin was held in order to work more specifically on the part related to the Lyon-Turin railway line. The aim was to draw up a questionnaire to assess the efficiency of current legal procedures used to protect the EU’s financial interests. The field of investigation covers the beginning of the project up to current achievements, including the different legal procedures which structure it.

Modernising existing procedures

This questionnaire will then be sent to representatives of 28 EU member states. With these answers, the University of Turin will draw up recommendations addressed to the European Commission with the hope of modernising existing procedures.

The UCLy Law Faculty, through its different researchers, will be particularly involved in the first year of the research project on the railway line. This represents an important phase for our research which enables us to work with influential European partners and establish an innovative, cross-disciplinary type of research.

Copyright : UCLy

Michel Cannarsa

Director Law Faculty.

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