Getting Up to gear in web development using FreeCodeCamp……

To some people, learning web development is a long and difficult process while some might disagree. For me, both categories of people are right in their view though one can turn the difficult process into an interesting hobby as far as the zeal and will are exist.

Therefore, I will like to introduce a learning platform I stumbled upon during my preparation for a bootcamp known as “FreeCodeCamp learning Platform” which will be useful to newbie and experienced developers..

What is Freecodecamp all about?

It is a platform that uses a “teaching machine” model for training one to understand code. It has one of the best online learning communities out there. You have to take the advantage of this.

You have a problem; you type in answers and test. There are comments that help you debug an answer.

I think, this is a great way to start out learning code- it takes you through “write-test-debug” loop characteristic of productive coding.

After understanding the basics of coding, one can use other resources like instructional text materials or view tutorials. The instructional distance learning might be a little too hard until you’ve actually written some simple, so it makes sense to try Freecodecamp first.

Freecodecamp has a self paced-curriculum involves 1,200 hours of interactive coding challenges and web development projects, plus 800 hours of contributing to open-source projects. Their all-round curriculum will help you get up to gear in web development technologies like HTML5, CSS and BOOSTRAP among others.

I truly think Freecodecamp is one of the best ways to learn how to code for beginners. The Structure of the course revolves around a project-based learning experience; therefore, take up the adventure of learning how to code at

Although, it will guide you through web development, there will also be need to refer to other resources as well and practice.

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