Making a Splash in Pariej

Beginning our journey in providing Pariej with clean water.

This month, the UCR chapter has been focusing on our first initiative: Water Sanitation. Choosing water sanitation as our first project was not a difficult decision, as most of our villagers’ problems have begun with unsanitary water. For example, numerous health diseases have been preliminarily attributed to water impurities. Through previous research, we have found that the water in Pariej has an unusually high TDS (total dissolved solids) concentration. Some special impurities that were also found included live fish, dirt, and mold in the tap.

In light of this information, we decided to research methods that can help combat the water problem we are facing. We hoped to find NGOs or previous groups from the RISHI database that would prove to be the most beneficial for our water project. During our general meeting, we split into groups that would each research these NGOs. Each group was assigned a specific organization to research and present to the rest of the groups with five aspects of the org: name of the social enterprise/NGO, their mission statement, the products/services they offered, their methodology, and a list of pros/cons for the particular organization.

General meeting where ideas about water sanitation methods were discussed.

The specific organizations that we looked into were Charity Water, Sarvajal, INREM (India National Resource Economics and Management), and Sulabh. After much debate and discussion, our chapter decided that Sarvajal will prove to be the most beneficial for Pariej. Sarvajal’s key product is a Water ATM; this machine will allow the villagers to obtain amounts of clean water by swiping a rechargeable card. As for implementing these Water ATMs, our team at UCR has been working diligently to contact Sarvajal and organize a way in which we can work together and make a ‘splash’ in Pariej as soon summer rolls around!

Author(s): Anuja Bhagat

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