This year, our team will be focusing on addressing sexual assault awareness and prevention on campus. We will be working with CARE at SARC, the sexual assault resource center on campus.

Throughout the year, we will be redesigning, improving, and adding features to their website. Specifically, we plan to provide…

Above image from The New York Times (2016)

The Education Equity Team is aiming to bring new resources to low-income schools within San Diego County. We are currently creating a ten-week program teaching children human-centered design while improving literacy. Overall the program will help improve comprehension and collaboration skills while promoting the importance of their education as it…

This team of eight is partnering with DFA National and San Diego YMCAs to help develop a new lifeguard recruitment program for the local Ys to implement in the coming year. Through insights gained from research on relevant groups such as high school students and veterans, they are developing unique solutions for the community centers to stimulate their application rates. The YMCA Recruitment team is dedicated to finding innovative solutions through user-driven design.

Screenshot from the team’s mental-wellness app Sprout

Our project’s objective is to emphasize and educate students about the importance of mental health while ensuring that students are aware of and practice good mental hygiene. Last year, we conducted interviews and learned a lot more about how students deal with mental health issues and uncovered the lack of…

The 2018–2019 DFA studio has been ushered in with incredible success! It’s our fourth year, and we received more interested students and applicants than any year prior.


From tabling on Library Walk during Week 0, the DFA leadership team was already sure that this year would be successful. For…


DFA is a student-run organization at UC San Diego that focuses on solving issues impacting the San Diego community through human-centered design.

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