One of the most common application patterns you’ll see out in the world of consumer software is the post-comment platform. From social networks and forums to news sites and blogs — almost everyone uses it. And as a developer it is crucial to understand how it works and how to make an implementation.

What is a post comment platform?

The core idea is simple: Users can make posts that pile up in some sort of public registry that other users can then check. Originally inspired by good ol’ paper-based bulletin boards, this design paradigm usually takes things a step further by also allowing users to comment publicly on posts. Thus, the name “post-comment” platform.Creating such a platform to be successful and serve tonnes of users has many challenges, as I discovered when I recently developed on my own public diary-keeping app in the same style. One of the most challenging battles I had was with a feature that seems completely arbitrary — ordering of posts. In this article I’ll discuss the problems I faced and how I overcame them. …


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