At Udacity, we are constantly investing in new ways to add more value to our programs so our students can be successful. Recently, we redesigned our Nanodegree programs and launched new features to help our students master the skills needed to be competitive and advance their careers.

Today, we have…

A new list of this year’s top resolutions yields some fascinating insights about the connections between health, productivity, finance, and career-focused learning.

Inc. Magazine has just published their list of the Top New Year’s Resolutions For 2019, and while at first glance, it may not be immediately apparent how they connect to learning and career success, a quick read between the lines makes clear the relationships.

Before we explain the connections, however…

Amazing stories from amazing lifelong learners!

Stuart Frye, Vice President of Business Development at Udacity, introduced the PyTorch Scholarship Challenge from Facebook on October 2, 2018. On that day, it would have been a serious understatement to say we were excited. We were, in fact, elated! That said, we didn’t actually know what was going to…

SageMaker arrives in our Deep Learning classroom, our students teach us about everything from PyTorch to Food Safety, and we discover how to “Talk the Talk” for career change!

One thing you can always say about education—it’s never boring! Seriously, our students are amazing. They come from such rich and diverse backgrounds, they build such remarkable things during their time in our classrooms, and they go on to achieve such phenomenal accomplishments in their careers.

A recent post right…

Wonderful new student success stories, great career insights about working remote, and of course, the Tweet of the Week!

At Udacity, your success is our success. We’re here to provide you with the best learning experience you’ve ever had, so that you can advance your life and career goals. We succeed, when you succeed.

Which is why student success stories are our favorite stories to tell!

We had the…

In the US, the nation votes, and history is made.

As is the case every week at Udacity, many wonderful things have happened. Students have learned new skills, built remarkable projects, and achieved important milestones. Alumni have advanced their careers, earned promotions, gotten raises, and landed new jobs. Classrooms have opened, scholarships have been awarded, and credentials have been conferred.

10,000 PyTorch Scholarships are awarded, Digital Freelancer Nanodegree program launches in MENA, a new Self-Driving Car scholarship opportunity opens in India, and more!

In case you’ve ever visited a little-known site called LinkedIn, you may have noticed a few of these popping up:

That’s because Facebook and Udacity together just accepted 10,000 amazing lifelong learners into the PyTorch Scholarship Challenge!

Fantastic news, right? Right!

But! That wasn’t the only bit of great news…

Udacity Festival 2018 is here! Plus, an amazing Udacity Talks with Sebastian Thrun and Kai-Fu Lee, two incredible new Student Success stories, a timely election-centric application of blockchain, and more!

The big news for this week actually happens this weekend. It’s Udacity Festival 2018!

If you are a current student, or a member of our alumni community, then please consider this your invitation to Udacity Festival 2018! This 2-day virtual festival taking place Oct 20–21, 2018, will be a phenomenal…

The author of “AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order” talks about AI, innovation, and his belief in the human soul.

Udacity Talks with Kai-Fu Lee and Sebastian Thrun was quite an international affair today! People joined from all over the world, including Canada, Greece, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Switzerland, and more. Here in the US, we had attendees from Arizona, California, Michigan, New Orleans, North Dakota, South Carolina…

Student Hub launches, Blockchain comes to the election process, Sebastian Thrun makes AI news, and more!

One of the most exciting launches in our Udacity history happened earlier this week when we introduced our new Student Hub to the Udacity classroom. Here’s how Carolin Steurer, Senior Product Manager for Student Services at Udacity, began her announcement:

“We know it takes dedication and courage to learn new…


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