Observe, Acknowledge and Think.

Have you ever noticed how little we notice from the million things that keep happening around us, day in and day out? We all know how it takes a good listener to make a good speaker. Similarly, I think, it takes a good observer to be a good *I don’t really know the word yet but let’s wait till the end*
There are so many things that just happen without us even acknowledging the fact that they’re taking place. There’s so much we miss out on by not being fully, mentally present though we may be physically. There’s such tiny things to find beauty in or even to get disgusted with. But the point is to observe and appreciate the minute things that go unnoticed more often than not. Maybe it doesn’t matter but, who knows, maybe it will if you notice it.
There’s so much to observe in the people around you because we all have our peculiar habits and ways of doing things. Some of us ask for a bill, while some ask for a cheque. Some of us say “Sorry” after sneezing, while some of us say “Excuse me.” Some of us call it ‘math’ while some call it ‘maths.’ Some of us can wink while some just end up blinking. And how will you know, if you do not observe, how beautiful your girl is with her eyes getting smaller when she smiles or how annoying your guy’s laughter is. There’s just so much. But that’s about the others. There’s so much you should observe about yourself. Like, how you hold a fork or how you remove a T-shirt, how you write the letters ‘f’ and ‘r’ or how you behave when you’re nervous. 
That’s about people, but what about things around you? Have you noticed how the clock may be ticking all day but you’ll hear it tick only at times, maybe that’s when you pay attention to it. Or how the rickshaw meter skips a few numbers? It may take some time for the swing to stop moving completely or the tap to stop running completely but give it time. Maybe in that time you’ll realise that you sound good only when the song’s playing along but you croak like a frog when it’s not. I mean no one’s going to ask you the number of tiles in your washroom or the number of cars on the road but it won’t hurt if you’re aware of things around you. Because those things will make you think. Just how the falling of a silly apple made someone think of something called the gravitational force. There’s beauty in the shadows, there’s detail in perspective, there’s satisfaction in good handwriting. All of this, if you observe. Because things don’t matter unless you pay attention. You’ve got to pay attention. Otherwise you’ll always check if you’re wearing a red T-shirt when the teacher says “Red T-shirt, stand up” 
If you’ll observe, you’ll be aware and you’ll think. And that will make you realise how there’s nothing extraordinary in the guy who thinks he’s funny by posting jokes on Facebook or Twitter. For all you know, he’s just creepy. Haha!
I hope I’ve roughly put across what I meant by *I don’t really know the word yet but let’s wait till the end*

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