From ACM Interactions / July — Aug 2019

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Photo by Ashley Batz on Unsplash

It’s often said that one should not “go meta” because things just get too abstract and unwieldy, trying to make sense of it all in your mind. But perhaps it’s exactly the right time for designers to go meta, at least as a useful respite from the daily grind of that which is becoming automated and instrumented ad nauseam — and maybe more dramatically, for our professional survival, with a reframing of authentic, substantive design value.

Algorithms, automation, instrumentation: Designing is becoming increasingly routine, predictable, and systematic for the sake of efficiency and reliability, to safely ensure high-velocity outputs. The poetics of human-computer interaction have evolved into prescriptions for scaled, scheduled delivery. From distributed symbol libraries to computerized usability tests, what then becomes of the designer? What is now the reason for being? But perhaps the true realm for a designer’s value is starting to reveal itself. …


Uday Gajendar

Design catalyst / leader / speaker / teacher. Always striving to bring beauty & soul to digital experiences.

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