Creating a simple Deno project and discuss some interesting facts about Deno

Deno is a new runtime for javascript and typescript created by the original creator of NodeJs, ‘Ryan Dahl’. The main goal of Deno is to overcome the issues faced in the NodeJs.
In this article, we will create a very simple application with Deno and then discuss what are the differences between Deno and Node. Finally, we can find the pros and cons of Deno.

What is Deno?

Deno is a secure runtime for Javascript and Typescript as defined by It is based on the V8 Javascript engine and Rust programming language.

With the release of Deno 1.0 launched on 13th of…

Building a chat application step by step

Building a real time chat application will be the starting point for developing many applications with socket connections which will involve two way communication among server and client. So this chat application can be converted in to many other forms like multiplayer quiz games, state changing applications any many more. Here we will be developing the chat application using NodeJS back-end and Angular front-end. Further we will be using for socket communication. So to continue you need to have Angular and NodeJS pre-installed.

Creating the Node application

Our first task is to create the node project…

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Senior Software Engineer | Front-end Developer | Angular | Vue | Node | Flutter

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