I’m Travelling To Mars In 2016

Yeah I am travelling to Mars really!.. eh..not literally but my name will go there in a silicon chip which will fly to Mars! (How cool is that!) Now I will be officially Martian lol. NASA gave the special chance to register and be part of their march 2016 Insight mission for Mars. It’s mission will be to travel to Mars and collect the data related to the seismic activity, temperature and activity due gravitational pull of it’s moon and that of sun on it’s surface. It will help us to understand how these planets like Earth and Mars came into existence and to understand more about their structure overall. All n all it will be another great achievement for humankind and this time I will be a part of that (BRAG!) and as a big Space enthusiast I’m very excited about that!

I have little something for you guys down below!

Something like this! TEEHEE

Sources -

  1. Check out more about the NASA’s Insight Mission here


2. Martian Movie Fan Art


Originally published at technocrunchy.blogspot.in on August 23, 2015.

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