My answer to Where is Facebook headed, ten years from now? — Quora

No company in tech industry is going to do the same thing what it is doing now in next 5 years. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence many of the jobs would be obsolete. For example, facebook recently replaced its employees with an algorithm for displaying the trending topics. Though this resulted resulted in another controversy which is a discussion for another day, this sums up where all tech companies are heading to. Apart from facebook’s core area — communication (of course its advertising), it is making its presence felt in the other fields as well.

Automation & AI is going to be the future. The term automation here is from running simple tasks on daily basis to take decisions depending on historical data. I can clearly see there is well defined road map for this at facebook. In the year 2014, during earnings call Zuck announced formation of an AI group, acquisitions of a machine-translation company and hiring the best academic minds in the field.

Facebook at work. There are already innumerable number of tools for effective communication between co-workers, the facebook at work is going to bring all of them under a single roof.

Entertainment — Virtual reality is going to be the future of entertainment. Facebook has made a big bet by the acquisition of oculus rift 2014.

I wrote an answer for similar question the year 2014. You can see it here Uday Kiran Dharbamulla’s answer to In the next 5 years will Facebook succeed or fail to meet its growth objectives?

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